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Introducing ReadWriteBody: Networked Fitness and the Quantified Self

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What can big data teach us about ourselves? ReadWrite editor-in-chief Owen Thomas is on a quest to find out – using apps, gadgets and networked services to see if he can turn his own data into motivation to drop 20-25 pounds and explore what it says about our quantified future. The first post Quantify This! An Editor Works Out His Body Issues went live today and is the first in an ongoing series on ReadWrite about networked fitness and the quantified self.

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Why ReadWrite? As Owen puts it:

"The entire world is becoming readable and writable—and that includes our own bodies. Fitness trackers and apps have become part of our regular coverage. There's a new vogue for hardware startups on crowdfunding websites and, increasingly, conventional venture-capital sources, and many of them are fitness-related."

This should be entertaining – and even a little painful. Follow the progress on ReadWriteBody and weigh in with any technology or services you'd like to see covered.

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