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Werd: Coolhunting for Guys

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h1 The term relates to showing guys cool stuff that they would likely look at and say 'yep, I'll take one.'

Marc Bachrack, founder and editor of Werd

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When you want great looking products for men that are also well-made, head over to Werd – a site devoted to seeking out quality, well-designed gear, grooming products, clothing, cars, and sports equipment that are inspired by technology and travel. As editor and founder Marc Bachrack sums it up: "We know what guys like because … well, we’re guys."

Based in Southern California but with globe-trotting in its DNA, Werd is also a new Say Media content partner. We caught up with Marc to ask him burning questions like whether real men wear Google Glass, how he finds great products, and what cool things he's coveting right now.

How do you come down on the issue of guys wearing Google Glass in public – or wearable tech in general? Honestly, it's not my thing. The techie in me enjoys the gadgetry. But I don't jump into new technology just "because" it's something new or different. I like practical tech. Tech that solves a problem or provides entertainment value. Google Glass in my opinion does neither. Is it that important to be so connected to our digital world that we need to see it overlaying the analog one? I like simplicity in life. Glass adds complexity. Complexity gives me headaches. Wait, was the question more of a "style" one? In that case, I don't see Google Glass, Smart Watches or the like gaining traction beyond early-adopters until they embrace a classic design philosophy. Partner with a notable eyeglass or watchmaker. That will make things more interesting.

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Where does the name Werd come from? "Werd" is a slang term for showing one's approval or agreement of something. In the case of, the term relates to showing guys cool stuff that they would likely look at and say "yep, I'll take one."

Tell us a little bit about the editorial team … who's behind the site and how did it get started? I started the site in a very simple manner. And years later, it really hasn't changed much. What did change was the writing team. I've always been the only one curating the products. When I first started the site, it was literally just for fun. I'd always wanted a front-end type of site. The geeky, back-end stuff I had worked on early in my career isn't much fun to show and explain to friends and family. I needed a front-man! So I asked my literary genious wife if she would edit the blurbs that I write for the products. Luckily she helped me get things going long enough to realize there could be a future with Then came Joel Muzzey. He's been a writer for the action sports industry for many years. It was that sort of humorous, not so serious style that I knew would be a good fit for the mostly male audience at

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What's your editorial philosophy for picking products? What makes the cut? I look at products from two perspectives. Is it something I would use personally? If not, is it something I think a large percentage of guys would find interesting? Beyond that design has a huge part in whether I think something is worth writing about. Practicality and design. My two favorite traits in a great product. Can the same be said about a great meal? I feature those as well. And what isn't practical and well-crafted about a classic Reuben?

For those that are new to your site, what are some great posts to start with? The site has a very consistent format. If it's new and interesting, we write about it. It's easy to get through the first 18 pages of products in one enjoyable sitting. That's where I would start. The homepage.

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You have a great following online. How would you describe your readers? It's mostly guys... but some of my most vocal feedback comes from the women who have these men in their lives. Be it a boyfriend, dad or brother. Finding things to buy these dudes can be a chore. I like hearing how much I've helped.

What are some current products you like that represent great craft? Anything that Jonathan Ward kicks out over at ICON would have a permanent place in my garage. Just perfect.

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What other men's sites do you love to follow? I like to read sites headed up by one person or a small team that is passionate about a specific subject. An example would be BikeExif, a spectacular custom motorcycle blog by New Zealander Chris Hunter. I've always been impressed by the presentation and consistency of Hypebeast. The team and scope is larger, but the focus is always there. The geek in me enjoys gizmag. It's not a cookie-cutter tech blog by any means. Check it out and see what I mean.

How would you finish this sentence: When in doubt wear… James Perse. Maybe it's the San Diego climate, but the lightweight, soft fabric and neutral, classic styling seems to work most days. If I actually had to go into an office, my answer would probably be different. At least my wife would hope so.

Follow Werd on Twitter @werdcom.

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