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The Style Guide - A New Menswear Styling & Social Platform

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Stylish men's media is having its moment, and not surprisingly TSBMen (formerly The Style Blogger) is among the sites leading the charge. TSBMen is led by the best-dressed real man himself, Dan Trepanier, a former clothing-obsessed basketball player who understands what it means to create practical and inspiring content for real guys. Not models, not celebrities – real people.

And now TSBMen (a Say Media style partner) is launching The Style Guide - instant outfit suggestions for any occasion, season, or clothing item, using the best menswear photos online. They're also looking for support to make it happen – and have set up an Indiegogo Fundraising Page for more details and rewards for supporters.

Here's a video of how it works:

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The photo library (which is growing daily) is meticulously categorized using the following filter criteria:

1. Occasion Choose from more than 50 possible occasions for appropriate, and stylish, outfit suggestions. Where are you going? Ex: beach wedding, job interview, first date.

2. Season/Weather Choose the season and/or weather in your area to see only seasonal-appropriate outfits. Ex: summer, rain, snow, winter.

3. Clothing Item Enter any clothing item in your wardrobe to get instant outfit suggestions that include a similar piece. Chose to narrow the outfit suggestions by item style, color, fabric, and/or pattern. Ex: Suit (grey, tweed), Button-down shirt (purple, cotton, plaid), Jeans (black)

If you or a guy you know has ever had trouble figuring out what to wear check out the beta of The Style Guide now. And if you like what you see, pitch in on their Indiegogo Fundraising Page which also has rewards for supporters.

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