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Jobs the Movie: Highlights from ReadWrite Q&A with Ashton Kutcher and Joshua Michael Stern

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ReadWrite editor-in-chief Owen Thomas hosted an exclusive screening of Jobs the movie and the crowd was treated to a Q&A with the star Ashton Kutcher and director Joshua Michael Stern. Keith Rabois summed up the film in this tweet:

Jobs: The movie is absolutely amazing.

— Keith Rabois (@rabois) July 26, 2013

Some other reactions:

@DavidRichter #saymedia thx for including me @ #jobsmovie, incredible portrayal of an amazing & complex man

— Ted Tobiason (@TedTobiasonDB) July 26, 2013

Just saw Jobs (the movie) and I find myself again thinking of the impact Steve Jobs and Apple have had on the world. #jobsmovie

— Yuri Sagalov (@yuris) July 26, 2013

@harryh I had tears at several moments. Captured startups very well.

— Keith Rabois (@rabois) July 26, 2013

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"I loved him. I loved a man I never knew." @aplusk on Steve Jobs in Q&A w @owenthomas of @RWW. #SayMedia

— David Richter (@davidrichter) July 26, 2013

In the Q&A following, Kutcher and Sternberg talked to Owen Thomas about how they wanted the movie to capture how Jobs fearlessly approached failure, how the board embodied a lot of people and a consensus of public opinion about Jobs, and the observation that when Jobs felt people loved the thing he built, it made him feel like they loved him. In a nutshell, Jobs' drive was a quest to be loved. Another insight: In their research on Jobs, many people reported he was the least sentimental person they knew – he always lived in the future, never the past.

As for how Kutcher was able to capture Jobs' mannerisms and look so well? 3 months of studying and consuming the things Jobs consumed, 100 hours of audio recordings, and 4 hours each day of hair and makeup did the trick.

Kutcher and Sternberg also talked about how they screened the movie for the original early Apple team and the consensus was "thank you for bringing us 2 more hours of Steve." Word.

Here's Kutcher the night before about the movie on Leno:

Finally, if you haven't read it yet, Ashton Kutcher's answer on Quora about why he took on the role is worth a read.

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