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A Map of Native Advertising Companies on the Web

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We've written extensively about native ads in the last few months, including the myths about native ads, what brands are doing native well, and we've asked industry watchers to tell us what they think of native ads. We've also talked about the role of storytelling in native ads – and we know what ads look like when they're really digitally native.

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But what we haven't seen is a more complete picture of who's doing what in the native ad space, whether it's sponsored content, custom videos, promoted posts or sponsored playlists and images. The CEO and co-founder of TripleLift took a stab at it with his design team and the result is a graphic on iMedia Connection that starts to give this new space shape. Say Media is on the map too - although it doesn't show our sponsored videos and other native content.

No matter - it's an interesting exercise and everybody loves a map. Click the image above to see the bigger image or check out the full article here.

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