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10 Game-Changing Google Glass Apps

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It’s time to stop what you’re doing and seriously consider your role in the 5G world of wearable computing. The rise of Google Glass is nigh, and with the announcement that the Glass platform will be open to enterprise app development by 2014, that means every sector of the online and app worlds will suddenly collide with the real bricks-and-mortar world in crazy new ways that we have really only begun to contemplate.

As a perfect example, the sudden recent announcement that Google would try to ban the use of pornography and face recognition on the Glass (like this one!) would be enough to give anyone the creeps. Take that news, combined with what you might be able to imagine what the NSA might do with Google Glass users’ visual input with their own face-recognition software, and that’s super creepy.

But there are some interesting opportunities too. In fact, there’s really no limit for how Google Glass can be used except the three-hour battery life. Here are ten app developers and media and commerce companies that have already been thinking about the 5G space long enough to have Glass apps ready to go.

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Take pictures of your new sofa and then shop on Fancy for accessories of matching color. Yes, please. If you can imagine impulse home interior shopping with a computer inside your face, then you get the idea.

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Your handy high-end shopping app using Glass, brought to you by Elle Magazine. Also, it keeps track of the best dressed beautiful people and has your horoscopes too, which is like wow.

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Here’s one of those Clash of the Titans moments: Google Glass image content posted straight to Facebook. The opportunity for brands to utilize this magic nexus is self-evident, but for instance: sponsors of action sports events could have video content produced by a skateboarder or a BMX rider wearing Glass uploaded straight to the brand’s Facebook page, instantly and exclusively. That seems like a pretty big deal.

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One would think that an early adopter of Google Glass would have the sort of ego that wouldn’t need meaningless daily positive affirmations... and yet - here’s the Praiser app for Glass.

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Similar to the Facebook app, but an automatic message with the hashtag: #throughglass allows users to quickly see other Glass content uploaded through Twitter.

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Imagine the shockwave that will go through the retail world when “voice buyer” becomes a common expression - buying things on Amazon by just saying “tap tap”? That’s some crazy stuff and basically eliminates the last bastion of self-control from online impulse buying.

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Use Glass to post content straight to the internet using Blogger, Google’s publishing platform. With the Blogger Glass app, a user can post images and voice text straight from the Glass. Unfortunately even in Glass Blogger is still an ugly app.

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Glass Stocks

Now your day-trading buddies are going to be even more obnoxious, but at least they won’t be looking at their BlackBerries all the time? If there’s a way to make money off this type of behavior, now’s your chance with a good stocks app.


Remember that thing about no facial recognition on Google Glass? Well, about that. MedRef helps hospitals identify trauma victims using face recognition, so that’s a good thing, right?

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Whether it’s true or not that Reddit is the “homepage of the Internet,” it is certainly true that Redditors think so, and Reddit is a well-established incubator for viral content. So brands interested in creating content with Glass that might “go viral,” then tapping into the Reddit-Glass network is essential business.

What's a Google Glass app you'd use?

[Top photo: Google Glass at Google I/O]

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