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Say Media: Transforming the Digital Experience with Adaptive Ads

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We are in the middle of a fundamental reshaping of media distribution systems. By rethinking the relationship between content, editorial design and user experience, we can now create beautiful, unique and engaging media experiences that delight readers and advertisers - on any device, anywhere.

That's why today at Say Media we're announcing a ground-breaking new digital brand experience on ReadWrite called Adaptive Ads. Built with our next-generation content and technology platform called Tempest, this is the first experience that incorporates quality content and brand messaging on any device - seamlessly.

We're also proud to announce that Siemens is launching its “Siemens Answers for Innovation” campaign on Adaptive Ads as an exclusive U.S. partner.

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ReadWrite Remastered

ReadWrite, one of the most widely read and respected technology brands on the Web, is the first Say Media brand to incorporate this new reading experience. As the publication of record for forward-thinking media watchers and tech-savvy readers, ReadWrite has been engineered to blend its distinctive content with relevant advertising in a non-intrusive yet effective way.

“Reading habits have changed, in large part due to mobile devices – today’s actions are to tap and swipe, with readers primarily single-tasking," said ReadWrite editor in chief, Owen Thomas. "Above the fold no longer applies on mobile devices. We've been able to break away from the old and disjointed Web formats and let the site design adapt to the content.”

Adaptive Ads

There are two formats of Adaptive Ads are offered for brand advertisers: Adaptive Fullscreen is a 100 percent share of voice ad experience inline with the content, while Adaptive Stripe is an inline, full-width banner that works within the context of shorter pieces of content.

See a video of Adaptive Ads in action below – and you can see them live with Siemens as a exclusive partner here.

For more on our Adaptive Ads announcement, check out the press release here.

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