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BoldRide: Your Favorite Cars at Full Throttle

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The cars we drive say a lot about us – which is just one of the many reasons why millions of people find automobiles endlessly fascinating. Other reasons? They're cool, they're beautiful, and they're fun to drive. Tapping into that passion of car enthusiasts looking to connect with the auto world in a new way, BoldRide is home to one of the world’s largest library of car photos and videos and breaking news for auto lovers. To put it another way: If you’ve ever been curious about a particular car, you'll probably find it on BoldRide.

BoldRide is a new Say Media partner and works with most major car brands. As car lovers ourselves, we decided to check in with the BoldRide team for insight on what makes the site different than traditional car publications, what the most popular car stories are - and what cars the editors are loving right now.

How did BoldRide get started? The idea for the site came up in 2011. We felt that there was a void for car enthusiasts to have a destination to view and share car photos - especially in an environment with a clean design and easy navigation. Based on our fans response and input, we rolled out original content with an entertainment point-of-view, as well as a dedicated video section.

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Motor Trend, Car & Driver – there are a bunch of popular car sites that have been around for awhile. What does BoldRide bring to the mix that you can't get anywhere else? There are dozens of car sites that provide excellent content. We celebrate all of this content versus compete with it, and try to curate what we find to be the most interesting and entertaining for our fans. We also keep things very simple and clean on our site, as the images can tell the story as much as our narrative. We will continue to focus on this user experience and layer in added community features for our fans as the brand grows.

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For those that are new to your site, what are some great posts to start with? We cover a broad range of topics and categories based on the interests of the community, so I recommend diving in and see where your interest takes you. The blog covers quick news hits, interviews, stories on vintage rides, opinion pieces, etc. My favorites are the Your Ride interviews, where fans share their car photos and stories with the community. But many fans just come back for the latest photo galleries and videos as a fun place of discovery.

What are the most popular car trends you're seeing right now? Technology is a major emphasis on all new car releases, as well as fuel efficiency. Performance will always be the primary focus for all the sports cars and supercars we showcase. There is some incredible innovation taking place across the board thanks to the competition and returned sales growth in the industry.

Was there one post or a series of posts that put you on the map? Any time we take a stance or post an opinion piece, we get a huge response. We had an article that ran on Yahoo called Snoozefest: The 6 Dullest Cars in America and we had several thousand comments within a few days. The car community is very passionate and opinionated, so playing into this is fun, as long as we can back it up with experience and facts.

What opportunities has your site opened up for you that wouldn't have happened otherwise? Working with all the major car companies as a respected property is exciting - as is the opportunity to collaborate with other car sites in cross-promoting and sharing content. We plan to build on these relationships aggressively in the near short term.

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What other car sites do you love to follow? Who are your soulmates in car lust? There are so many great sites out there doing excellent work. Petrolicious creates beautiful short form videos of fans and their cars. BringATrailer curates some of the best cars for sale across the Internet. There is an explosion of video creators on YouTube right now as well, which we love to pull into our video section.

How would you finish this sentence: When in doubt drive… an American car that's good for the environment.

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