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Acquire: The Latest in Cars, Tech, Style and Gear

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We have a reputation for finding what's new before you see it covered elsewhere. - Bernard Antolin, Acquire

Great product stories, beautiful design, sleek style, and heaps of horsepower... no you haven't died and gone to heaven. But if you're someone who can't get enough of great guy products you'll think you have when you visit Acquire. Launched in 2006 by Bernard Antolin, Acquire is a men's publication with an appreciation for everything from Saville Row tailoring to snowboards and a great pair of sneakers. Whether you're Tony Stark, a streetwear aficionado, or a petrolhead, Acquire has you covered.

Acquire is also a new Say Media partner. We caught up with Bernard to see find out what guys want right now, what put Acquire on the map – and what it was like to fistbump the president.

How did Acquire get started? Give us the backstory… I've always loved gear and design, I would be the type to skip past the big articles in men's magazines to check out the product spreads. Around 2006, there was a magazine at the time called Cargo and I loved their product-focused format and when they ceased publication I started scouring the Web for an online alternative and noticed that outside of tech and gadgets there were only a handful of sites that covered the things I wanted to stay updated on and thus, Acquire was born.

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There are a many popular men's sites – what does Acquire bring to the mix that you can't get anywhere else? While our coverage is broad, we like to cover items that have substance and a good design story and that's not to say that we don't appreciate a good novelty (hot dog toasters are awesome), there are other sites that do a fantastic job at covering that. You'll see a lot of unique finds and we have a bit of reputation for finding what's new before you see it covered elsewhere.

Who are your readers? Describe the Acquire man… Essentially it's the guy who appreciates an immaculately tailored suit, but also has that very same respect for a pair of well designed sneakers. So to answer your question: Tony Stark, or the guy that wants to be him.

For those that are new to your site, what are some cool products that define the Acquire experience or that every Acquire reader probably covets? I think I can safely say that every Acquire reader wants a supercar in the driveway, but in terms of what really defines the site it's a little bit of everything. Two items that quickly come to mind are these Base Camp X Water Axes and these beautifully designed motorcycle helmets from Ruby that look like gigantic Jawbreakers.

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Cars, Style, Tech, Sport… What are your most popular posts? Cars and watches tend to be the most popular. Recently there's been a lot of traffic to sporting goods with great design. Surfboards, skateboards, titanium bicycles…

Was there one post or a series of posts that put you on the map? It was one post specifically and it was a Bluetooth headset by Bang & Olufsen that got picked up by Engadget. Acquire hit the ground running after that.

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How do you like to work with brands? Getting face time with brands and seeing what they're working on behind the scenes is always great. To see things first hand and the passion that goes into working on a brand is always something special that you can't convey properly over email and the phone. Also, this explosion of talent lately with Kickstarter in the mix and all the emerging independent brands that are establishing a 21st century arts and crafts movement has made it a very, very exciting time.

What other men's living sites do you love to follow? Who are your soulmates style? Gear Patrol, Hodinkee, A Continuous Lean, and Hypebeast - just to name a few. I'm not sure if I have a soulmate, but I definitely can appreciate anyone who owns their own style.

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Did you really fist-bump the president when you met him? Absolutely. Barry and I don't do handshakes.

Follow Aquire on Twitter @ACQUIREmag.

[Product photos via Acquire; Fistbump via GammaNine]

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