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What Facebook (and Everybody Else) Knows About You

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Do consumers really care about their privacy, or does it just make for exciting headlines? Despite a recent report that Facebook privacy problems are on the rise, a surprising 13 million Americans have never checked their privacy settings on Facebook – and another 28 percent share all their wall posts to everyone and anyone who cares to look.

Danny Rubin, managing editor at News To Live By, a blog that highlights the career advice and practical tips 'hidden' in the day's top stories just published an article about tips for privacy settings on Facebook.

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In it he highlights some of the better advice out there for managing your privacy settings all in one place, including some gems like how to turn off Facebook "suggestions" and how to limit sharing to friends only, culled from sources that include Tech Radar, Daily Finance and Say Media's own ReadWrite.

Check it out – it's worth your time to know what people know about you.

And by the way, according to at least one report, Facebook has better privacy practices than Apple, so next up you should check your iTunes apps privacy settings too.

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