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Say Media/Artbox London Event Raises £2500 for Artists

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Say Media UK partnered with a local charity called Artbox London to host Encounter, a unique exhibition on May 14, 2013. The event was a huge success attended by an estimated 300 people who bought over 70 pieces of art.

Artbox London is a charity that creates and sells high quality fine art by people with learning disabilities. Through extraordinary exhibitions Artbox is dedicated not only to selling art but also to raising awareness of the talents and abilities of the artists. The artists were extremely proud that so many people were interested in their work.

The team at Say Media UK was pleased to be able to support this initiative, working closely with Artbox London and the event raised more than £2,500 to support the artists.

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For more information about Artbox London and to get involved, visit or follow @ArtboxLondon.

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[Photos via Artbox London]

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