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Say Media UK Partners with Artbox London

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Say Media UK has partnered with a local charity called Artbox London to host ‘Encounter,’ a unique exhibition on Tuesday, 14th May that features new art by artists with learning difficulties.

For one night only, Artbox London artists will exhibit and sell their work at Nati Gallery, 22 Warren Street, London W1T 5LU. Share an evening of fun and laughter and meet the artists.

Arbox Encounters

Tuesday, 14th May from 5 pm – 9 pm

Nati Gallery, 22 Warren Street, London

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Artbox London is a charity that creates and sells high quality fine art by people with learning disabilities. Through extraordinary exhibitions Artbox is dedicated not only to selling art but also to raising awareness of the talents and abilities of the artists. Find out more about Artbox London and discover fascinating new art inspired by the two extremes of humanity; nature and industry at ‘Encounter,’ the Artbox London Spring 2013 exhibition, hosted in partnership with Say Media and the Nati Gallery.

Bringing pencil drawings of human/animal hybrid characters into physical being through model-making and re-imagining vibrant cityscapes which incorporate subtle humour and hidden symbolism, the artwork expresses an intriguing surrealism determined by astounding maturity and depth.

If you're in London, join us on 14th May at the Nati Gallery for Encounter!

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