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Le Dans La: Mastering the Art of Visual Storytelling

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h1 The styling of a person's home explains his way of life.

Aurélie Lécuyer, Le Dans La

French stylist and photographer Aurélie Lécuyer has mastered the art of telling stories in pictures. Her simple yet gorgeous minimalist site Le Dans La is full of stunning photos that give you a glimpse into her beautiful life – with only a few words needed to finish the thought. Her home in the French countryside is pretty stunning too. A recent addition to the SAY 100 Living Channel, we asked her just 6 questions.

You have a great eye for beautiful things. What are your 5 favorite objects right now?

New flowers at home

The old little bed I just found for the next baby

A yellow linen tablecloth

A comfortable rattan chair, in a sunny place in the kitchen

The Chemex coffee maker

The photographs on your site are stunning – is that all you? Yes.

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You're a stylist by training. What does the styling of a person's home tell you about them? I think the styling of a person's home explain his way of life, his mood, the importance that little details take in his life, his imagination in the every daily life...

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What are your readers looking for? I think the readers love the simplicity of my photos, just to explain the daily life with little details, arrange beauty with nothing much.

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What interior design sites do you visit for inspiration? I love

Emmas Design Blogg

Mieke Verbijlen

Coffee Klatch

Freunden von Freunden

The Socialite Family

The Veda House

The Yard

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What designers do you admire right now and why?

Charlotte Perriand to mix aesthetic, efficiency and convenience

Louise Bourgeois for her patterns and madness

Jean Prouvé for his aesthetic minimalism

[Photo credit: All photos Aurélie Lécuyer]

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