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Creative Vines and What Brands Can Learn from Them

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Now that we can cram all our thoughts into 140 characters, it just goes without saying that all our video will now only be six seconds long thanks to Vine, Twitter’s recent short video service acquisition. And that’s not a bad thing.

There are signs out there that Vine’s six-second format could be great for brands. For instance, Vine is now the most popular free app in the App Store, and Unruly Media found in its research that 4 of its Top 100 vines were branded content, compared to only one of its Top 100 viral videos. We all know how difficult it can be to engineer a video that will go viral, no matter what BuzzFeed is telling us these days. If Vines are four times more likely to go viral than videos, then what are you waiting for?

Lucky for you, Tribeca Film Festival created a #6SecFilm Festival this year to challenge filmmakers to do something within Vine’s six-second format, and the results are pretty amazing.

Here are some Vines for you check out so you can start thinking about how Vine can work for your brand:

The Tribeca Film Festival Vine Contest - The judges broke the competition down into separate categories and then posted the finalists of each category on their own pages to be viewed together. These are the vines that the judges felt were best in their categories, but they also happen to be filled with branded content.

The “Auteur” category was for vine-makers who filmed a script or idea that was “truly unique.” Among the short-listers are vines featuring Jack Daniels as part of the cure for the end of the world; eggs and ketchup representing the carnage of war; a Toyota mini-van playing a role in a macabre family funeral; a soldier re-uniting with his family; and some exotic cleavage.

In the “Animation” category, the finalists include vines featuring Peeps, light bulbs, a cell phone, David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, and a Mazda sedan.

In the “Genre” category, where judges placed all the horror, comedy, westerns and LOLcat vines, the stand-outs included brand placement from scratch-off lottery tickets, Doritos, and Skippy peanut butter.

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Elsewhere in the Vine universe, here area few brands taking Vine to town:

Doritos - In this vine, Doritos takes advantage of Vine’s ability to record sound as well as video to create a Mariachi “Name that Tune” vine that has all the aspects of viral lift, clever content, interactivity, and the ability to franchise the idea with future “Name that Tune” mariachi vines. BTW, is this vine tune “Walk Like an Egyptian”?

General Electric - One might not expect one of the oldest blue-chip companies in America to have a robust social media presence, but GE would take that person by surprise. Not only does GE invest a good deal of effort into social media, but also into new platforms like Vine. This endless loop of pie to celebrate Pi Day (March 14) is great for a company that doesn’t sell pies, only the ovens that cook them.

Bacardi - Given the world we live in, sometimes it is difficult to be discreet, especially if you’re advertising a liquor product. However, in this vine entitled, “This is how we roll,” Bacardi shows us an endless loop made with stop-motion animation of a lime rolling up to a Bacardi bottle, evoking the flavor combination of lime and rum without shoving a pair of breasts in your face.

schuh - This British shoe retailer uses all six seconds to put shoes in focus and in rotation. For Vine users equally obsessed with shoes, this is a winner.

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