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Say Media Appoints Owen Thomas as Editor-in-Chief of ReadWrite

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We're excited to announce a talented new addition to the Say Media editorial team: Owen Thomas joins as editor-in-chief of ReadWrite, one of the world's most widely read and respected technology brands. Owen brings more than 17 years of editorial experience covering the ever-evolving technology industry with a fearless voice and leading successful editorial teams at several top sites and media brands.

"Owen is a brilliant writer with great experience covering every aspect of the technology industry. He has a distinct point-of-view and a cleverness that makes his work resonate both inside and outside of his community,” said Kate Lewis, SVP, Editorial Director, Say Media. “We believe that this unique perspective coupled with his years of editorial leadership will lead ReadWrite into its next phase and further expand the reach and authority of the site.”

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Previously west coast editor at Business Insider, Owen has written, edited and contributed for a number of publications. He was founding executive editor of the Daily Dot, where he hired and managed an editorial team and significantly grew its readership. Prior to that, he held editorial leadership roles at VentureBeat, NBC Universal and Gawker Media, where he notoriously transformed Valleywag into the Silicon Valley’s authority on tech gossip. He also spent several years at Time, Inc. and Business 2.0.

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"A decade ago, Richard MacManus launched ReadWrite by noting how the Web was beginning to fulfill its potential as a two-way medium—one meant for conversation, not broadcasting,” said Owen Thomas. “I'm proud to build on that heritage by leading a team that will explore where technology is taking us next, with an analytical and critical eye."

Re-launched as ReadWrite in October 2012 and redesigned with a tablet-first approach, ReadWrite is one of the top authorities on technology, offering news, reviews and analysis on key trends across enterprise, social, mobile and more, reaching executives, decision-makers and thought leaders in the tech industry. Owen replaces previous editor-in-chief, Dan Lyon.

We're incredibly excited to have Owen on the team.

Read more in the press release. Plus: Owen Thomas Is a Shockingly Nice Fellow on ReadWrite.

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