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ReadWrite: 10 Years of Spotting the Future

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Ten years ago there was no iPhone, YouTube or Instagram. Google wasn't public yet. Facebook was barely an idea, and the dot com bust was still casting a long shadow over Silicon Valley. But there was the Internet, and Richard MacManus, founder of ReadWrite (formerly ReadWriteWeb) sensed a sea change coming. He wrote a simple post called The Read/Write Web about the tools that were empowering everyone to be a publisher.

And oh, what a ride it's been since then. The last 10 years have seen a decade of astounding innovation in media and Richard's post was one of the first to spot this trend.

To celebrate 10 years of chronicling the read/write Web and the technologies that power it, the editors at ReadWrite put together an impressive package of stories about 10 years of ReadWrite and technology– including a piece by the new ReadWrite editor-in-chief Owen Thomas about where we're headed.

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Click, enjoy, and here's to 10 more years of amazing innovation:

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