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Festival of Media Global 2013: Consumers Lead the Publishing Revolution

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“In the exciting new world of hyper-individual experiences, it's the consumer who sets the publishing agenda,” Matt Sanchez, CEO of Say Media told a packed auditorium of media owners, brand marketers and agencies Monday at this year's Festival of Media Global in Montreux, Switzerland. “Where it was once programmed, distribution must now be earned by creating a great product or finding the right people with strong viewpoints who want to share ideas. Point-of-View Publishing means that social media stops being about 'likes' and starts making a difference to advertisers.”

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New advertising strategies and high-quality content with a strong point-of-view have created new options for marketers and rewarding experiences for consumers, Sanchez explained. He also explored how Say Media is working with its many owned and operated sites such as xoJane and Remodelista highlighting how this new landscape is an huge opportunity for brands to really engage with audiences through point-of-view publishing.

“It’s a really simple concept but critical to creating great content in today’s landscape. We are absolutely inundated with information. If you don’t say something that people react to - love it or hate it - you won’t get their attention and you won’t break through and get those people to spend time with your brand.”

Each year the Festival of Media Global brings together hundreds of the world's most senior media executives to hear from experts in the fields of content, commerce, consumer behavior and creative media. Other business leaders presenting at the event included Sameer Singh from GlaxoSmithKline, Caroline Everson of Facebook, Kevin Burke from Visa, Jon Steinberg of BuzzFeed, and Louis Di Como from Unilever.

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