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7 Interesting Chief Creative Officers on Twitter

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It almost goes without saying, but the more important creativity is to your company’s brand, the more important a Chief Creative Officer is to the overall executive structure of the organization.

So when we take a look at what CCO’s are doing on Twitter, it’s not surprising that we come up with an interesting mix of businesses represented: fashion, music, publishing, design firms, ad agencies, and of course, comic books. Two of the most interesting CCO’s on Twitter are Geoff Johns and Joe Quesada, CCO’s of DC Comics and Marvel Comics, respectively.

But they’re not alone. Here’s a look at what some interesting CCO’s are doing on Twitter.

Geoff Johns, CCO, DC Comics - @geoffjohns

Geoff Johns tweets like the chief fanboy, offering his followers sneak peeks at new-look character designs; news about video game releases featuring DC-branded content; and interacting with fans by replying to them and RT’ing their comments, like, “AQUAMAN HAS MAD SHARKS!!!!” Johns is so comfortable in his Twitter skin, that he will even break the cardinal rule of not hyping the competition. Sure, he’s just another fanboy tweeting pics of his favorite comic books, but this first appearance of Wolverine? That’s a Marvel comic:


— Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) April 6, 2013

Joe Quesada, CCO, Marvel Comics - @JoeQuesada

Joe is also reaching out to Marvel’s fanbase with a healthy Twitter feed filled with YouTube links, podcast interviews, sneak peeks at new projects in development and regular news on new developments in Marvel’s evolution into a digital company, as the comics move out of the newsstands and into an app.

Perfect mashup of my favorite ballplayer & one of my favorite characters! Kudos from Marvel to @theroar24 @mlbfancave…

— JoeQuesada (@JoeQuesada) March 13, 2013

Ben Byrne, founder, Cornershop Creative - @drywall

As the chief creative officer for this web and design firm for nonprofits and small businesses that has its own Twitter account at @cornershop, Byrne tweets as @drywall about sports and work, but here’s him asking his followers to help test something out because people appreciate it when you include them in your work, especially if it’s not too much to ask:

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We're already up to about $500 on the #ABQ subway map Kickstarter. Just 12 days to go! Can you lend your support?…

— Ben Byrne (@drywall) April 9, 2013

Hugh Hefner, CCO, Playboy - @hughhefner

Just your average 87-year-old bachelor, who tweets about who he’s having sex with as a way of maintaining his brand’s image. That’s all.

I worked on my scrapbook this afternoon, including a nude Marilyn Monroe, Volume 2657, November 15-21,2012.

— Hugh Hefner (@hughhefner) April 13, 2013

Christopher Bailey, CCO, Burberry - @Burberry

Sometimes, Bailey takes over the @burberry account to tweet out his #MusicMonday selection. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but it reminds the brand’s followers that there are real people working behind the scenes to make the brand a success - and dropping by a Burberry photo shoot, just to get seen:

Romeo Beckham on set at the Spring/Summer 2013 campaign shoot with @burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey…

— Burberry (@Burberry) December 18, 2012

Clive Davis, CCO, Sony Music - @CliveDavis

When you’re Clive Davis, you’re not just some business-school executive, you’re Clive Freakin’ Davis. So naturally, Mr. Davis’s Twitter feed is more about himself than it is about the brand he represents. But Clive has a book to sell, and he wants to take the spotlight, he has every right to after the career he’s had. So go ahead, Clive Davis. Retweet every tweet that mentions your name, and shamelessly self-promote that book:

Remember to tweet @clivedavis your favorite quote from "The Soundtrack Of My Life" for a chance to win an autographed copy. #Clive

— Clive Davis (@CliveDavis) April 8, 2013

Geoffrey Gilmore, CCO, Tribeca Pictures - @GeoffreyGilmore

When he’s not tweeting news and updates about Tribeca’s film festivals or keeping track of the success of Tribeca’s alumni, Gilmore is doing things like paying his respects to film critic legend Roger Ebert. Always a good moment when you can promote your brand while saluting the life of a legend:

No greater champion of independent cinema has existed. Roger Ebert's love for film and articulate perceptions will live on forever.

— Geoffrey Gilmore (@GeoffreyGilmore) April 5, 2013

Did we miss a favorite? Leave it in the comments.

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