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SXSW Band Preview: Ginger and the Ghost

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h1 A powder-coated dream state, set amongst luminous dramatic soundscapes.

Ginger and the Ghost

Goose bumps. Don't be surprised if you get them the first time you hear Ginger and the Ghost. Then watch their videos and you'll be hooked. Small wonder: the band is the mysterious brainchild of two Sydney-based visual artists, Missy and Dan, who have turned their imagination into sounds.

Ginger and the Ghost is also one of the bands at our rocking SXSW party this year. Check out our interview with Missy below, give them some love – and then don't miss the band live at on March 11 at the Speakeasy in Austin.

Tell us the story of how your band got its name… I was imagining a title of an adventure book, the journey of two characters moving through places and times. Ginger is my alter ego and the ghost is so fitting for his personality.

How would you describe your sound? A powder-coated dream state, set amongst luminous dramatic soundscapes. The feeling pulls one from there nostalgic memories into pulsing childlike vocals then covers you up again with a cloud of airy sounds. The innocence and optimism of youth with a dark undertone. The intention was to make it as dramatic and urgent as we could!

You're playing at SXSW this year. What do you love about playing in Austin and at SXSW? Looking forward to playing with some if the freshest new upcoming bands. It's an exciting time to go as an Australian artist now that the likes of Gotye and Kimbra have put a mark on the states and the world.

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What are your most popular live songs? 18 Centuries, Where Wolf, The Mark Of Hearts and One Type Of Dark.

What other new bands are you loving right now? St Vincent, Tune-Yards and iamwhoiamwhoami.

What's something your fans would be surprised to learn about you? We never use the exact stage props twice! We love to make and move on.

What cool things are you working on for 2013? Releasing our EP and album, recording our next album and lots of travel and live shows. We want to create our DREAM STATE experience which is a really exciting side of our performance and music that is documenting and showing audio and visual collages on stage and integrating them live! I guess this is our art installation element and we can't wait to sink our teeth into it. This starts on our USA tour for SXSW and you'll be able to see it on our website and blog.

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Follow Ginger and the Ghost on Twitter @Ginger_TheGhost – and don't forget to join us to see them live at SXSW this year.

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