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Introducing Say Quarterly: Exploring the Future of Digital Media

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Great content is an integral part of our business and critical to our success as a media company. That's why we've made a commitment to create a new digital publication that goes live today called Say Quarterly devoted entirely to the power of Point of View Publishing. We are proud to introduce a state-of-the-art digital property that we can distribute to clients and partners that showcases many of the great digital media properties we work with, our media platform and our ad innovations – in their native format.

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The first version of Say Quarterly went live today (for the sharp-eyed readers, it's called issue six because it replaces Say Magazine which had five great issues, though none quite as exciting as this digital incarnation).

In this issue of Say Quarterly, you'll find stories by Dan Lyons, editor in chief of ReadWrite, Say Media CTO Dave Lerman, and Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez, as well as profiles of some of our favorite independent media partners and highlights of the media campaigns we've run with some of our best partners - and much, much more. And the whole issue supports our position that Point of View is the future of digital media.

We'll be updating Say Quarterly every few months to showcase what we do best as a company. Explore, enjoy – and we look forward to having a conversation with you about it soon.

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