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Gold-Dipped, Rose-Colored and Fabulous: This Is Glamorous

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h1 Glamour is what makes a man ask for your telephone number… and a woman ask for the name of your dressmaker.

Lilly Daché

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Beguiling, captivating, alluring, romantic ... you'll find things that fit all those descriptions on Roséline Lohr's site, This Is Glamorous. Each post is an invitation to get lost in over-the-top royal settings, travel to romantic destinations, and discover sumptuous outfits and décor. If you want to live a romantic and luscious life, this is where you go for inspiration.

Roséline and her site recently became Say Media partners and we used the occasion to find out what she believes glamour means today, style and design trends she's loving now - and where she goes for inspiration.

How do you define glamour? What's your filter for what makes it onto your site? Perhaps best answered with a quote? French milliner and fashion designer, Lilly Daché, once said, "Glamour is what makes a man ask for your telephone number. But it also is what makes a woman ask for the name of your dressmaker." The dictionary defines the word glamorous as "having an air of allure, romance and excitement." I am in constant search for - and discovering - beautiful things that embody just this.

For those that are new to your site, what are some great posts to start with? A few recent personal favorites would be:

colour inspiration : petal pink & a little romance

style icon : miroslava duma

at the shops : georgian antiques, edinburgh

at the office : white, gold & leopard print

colour inspiration : spring greens

décor : a tale of topiaries

style inspiration : the new minimalism

You have a great eye for beautiful things. What are your 5 favorite objects right now? Thank you! Top five at this moment would be:

this gold-dipped seashell

this pineapple lamp & these bowls

this gold mirror [or this one]

toile anything

gold everything

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What design trends and products are you especially excited about this spring? Florals and lace, lady-like handbags and white tuxedo jackets, no makeup makeup, flouncey flamenco-inspired ruffles.

What other design sites do you admire? Where do you go online for inspiration? A Lovely Being, The Atelier and hip hip gin gin; Haute Design [who also happens to write the beautiful {take me away} series]; and for décor inspiration, The Little Green Notebook and 79 Ideas; for online inspiration, sometimes Pinterest or Tumblr, but most inspiration comes from afternoons at the gallery or antiques market, the coast, or weekends in the country, and weekdays in book shops and cosy cafés . . .

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You've worked with Barney's, Lucky Magazine… how do you like to work with brands? I love collaborating on creative projects with brands whose aesthetic fits with the site, and whose products or services I use or would use, and would be happy to fully endorse.

You have a book in the works – congratulations! Can you give us a preview of what to expect? Thank you! Madly excited about it - it will be new content but have the same daydreamy feel as the site, and will most certainly be overflowing with romance.

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Your site covers design, style, food, and of course, glamourous travel… where are you going next? Toronto & Paris.

What's something your readers would be surprised to learn about you? I once studied astrophysics, am a bit of a germophobe, and I only watch films with happy endings.

This Is Glamorous is a Say Media partner. Follow Roséline on Twitter @thisisglamorous and on Instagram here.

[All images via This Is Glamorous; Roséline headshot by Peter Tamlin]

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