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Flor de Maria: Urban Latina Fashion, Beauty and Style

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h1 I like to think that I’m the Latina Carrie Bradshaw!

Flor de Maria Rivera

Sassy urban style comes in lots of guises, and one of our favorite trendsetters in the genre is Flor de Maria Rivera. A TV host, stylist and a style and beauty expert, Peruvian born Flor is also the creator of Flor de Maria Fashion – a completely bilingual fashion site for stylish Latinas. Colorful, playful, and adventurous, this is where you'll find leopard prints worn with panache, unapologetic sky-high heels, and wild bright hues guaranteed to make you smile.

A new Say Media partner, we caught up with Flor to find out how she got her fashion and style start, what moda excites her this season – and what closets she'd like to raid.

Before starting Flor de Maria Fashion, you were a TV host, reporter, producer, commentator and writer for different Spanish media outlets. What made you start your own site in 2010? Fashion was my first love and sports was my second love! Ever since I was little I have loved everything that has to do with fashion. I was that girl that loved to play dress up with my mom’s clothes and accessories. My mom says I would walk around the house wearing her heels at only three years old. I also designed my own clothes and made them for my barbies! As I got older, I was styling people without even knowing that I was doing somebody else’s job. The blog started after a lot of people were asking me for fashion/style advice and some of them suggested that I do something in the fashion world. That’s when was born. I wanted to share my views about styling, fashion and beauty.

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What did it let you do that you couldn't do in those other outlets? My blog has been the place where I can express myself without having somebody tell me what I can or can not post. Everything that you see and read on my blog is 100% my opinion. Also, on TV, radio or print you have a limited amount of time to share the news and on my blog I can write for hours if I want to. Plus, I love the direct contact that I have with my readers.

All of your posts are posted in English and in Spanish. Talk about how that works… After being born and raised in Peru but living in the United States for a long time, I understand both cultures and I have the best of both worlds! Writing in Spanish just came natural for me. It’s part of who I am. I also felt there was a lack of bilingual street styles blogs in the U.S. so I said, “let’s do it in both languages.”

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What style trends and products are you especially excited about this Spring? I am excited about crop tops – I just have to make sure I stick to the gym ha, ha, ha – stripes, white shoes.

Where do you turn or visit for style inspiration? What style sites, magazines or TV shows are your soulmates in style? I find inspiration everywhere, from magazines, to movies, to TV shows, to candy, to art, to museums, to the streets. Living in Manhattan has opened my eyes to a whole new world and I find inspiration as soon as I walk out my apartment. I always check out Who What Wear, The Cut, Refinery 29, Fashionista, Atlantic Pacific, Sincerely Jules, Song of Style, and Olivia Palermo.

What's something your readers would be surprised to learn about you? That I used to be a sports anchor! A lot of people think that TV happened because of the blog but it was actually the other way around!

Whose closet would you like to raid and why?

Olivia Palermo She is one of my style icons. I love how she mixes high and low-end pieces and her style is just to die for!

Miroslova Duma Her style is always perfect and so unique. She is the Queen of glamour!

Carrie Bradshaw I love how she mixes prints and colors, but most important her love for shoes. I like to think that I’m the Latina Carrie Bradshaw!

How would you finish this sentence: When in doubt, wear… Jeans, a shirt, a blazer, your nicest pair of heels and you are set!

What’s next? I hope to keep on doing what I love, which is talking about fashion, style and beauty on my blog, TV, radio and print. Help people look their best and partnering with brands either as a brand ambassador or as a Spokesperson. And having my shoe line one day in the near future!

Flor de Maria Fashion is a Say Media partner. Follow Flor on Twitter @FlordeMariaF.

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