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Love Taza: Life Is Beautiful

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h1 I love capturing and sharing simple moments from our daily life that are meaningful and special to us.

Naomi Davis, Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries

Naomi Davis met her husband in Manhattan while she was at Juilliard and he was at Columbia. They became best friends, fell in love and were married in 2007. And the rest, as they say, is history. Lucky for the rest of us, they share their beautiful life in the Big City with their two little ones on Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries. The site is a beautiful exploration of the city they love and their life there. The gorgeous photos pull you in and the fun content keeps you coming back. Oh, and Naomi truly has some great style too.

We caught up with Naomi (a new Say Media content partner) about her most popular posts, her online shop plans and how it feels to be Internet famous.

You have such a beautiful visual style. What are your most popular posts? And what do you think that says about your readers? In general, I think people enjoy browsing lifestyle blogs for the chance to connect with others. How they are living, how they are parenting, or how they are finding beauty in their home or city or town. Personally, I gain a lot of inspiration and encouragement as a blog reader when peeking into someone else's day-to-day online life. Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries is really just about bits and pieces of our life as a couple and family in NYC, and I am always flattered when anyone cares to follow along. I love capturing and sharing simple moments from our daily life that are meaningful and special to us ... whether it's an afternoon spent at the museum or grabbing burgers and fries together over the weekend. There is something powerful in making your day-to-day activities and outings meaningful. Putting family first and sharing my love of doing so with others is a joy for me.

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What opportunities has your site opened up for you that wouldn't have happened otherwise? I feel fortunate to have met so many influential and wonderful people through my our site. Making those connections with people you have admired from afar for so long is truly inspiring.

Was there a particular post or series that put you on the map? It's a funny thing, but the growth of Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries has really been an organic process. I never pushed it out there or advertised so it's been interesting to watch it grow over the last few years all on its own. In the beginning, Josh and I noticed a lot of traffic coming from other blogs linking us and by word of mouth. I'm still very blown away by all the support. Very appreciative as well.

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You've turned your site into a serious business. What do you credit as your secret? Honestly, I think it just comes down to staying true to yourself and your own style. There is such an over-saturation of blogs and sites out there today, and it can be easy to feel you have to blog a certain way or cover a specific popular topic in order to be successful. I've always just tried to share those moments, experiences, and people in my life that are meaningful to me, in a way that has felt like my own. Sharing both the good and the not so good (with an emphasis on the positive) in my own way has been a great experience.

There's a link for shopping on your site – what should we expect to see there? Can you give us a preview of the kind items we can expect to see? Josh and I actually just got the final sample of our first product back this week! We have been working so hard together on getting it right for many months. I can't give you a preview just yet, but I am really excited to share it with you later in the year!

What sites do you follow or admire? Who are your soulmates in style? I really admire bloggers or sites that feel genuine while reading them. I don't have much time to keep up with many blogs these days with my two little children, so I only follow a handful of blogs right now. But the ones I keep going back to are the sites that draw me in because they are genuine, they are honest, they look to the inspiring and beautiful joys of life and don't get caught up in the negative, the dramatic, or trying to be controversial. I want an uplifting experience during those ten minutes I have at the end of the day to browse a few blogs before bed.

How do you like to work with advertisers or brands? When working with an advertiser or brand, it's really important to me that the fit is a good one and that it feels like a partnership. It has to be something I love and also something my readers can enjoy. Collaborating is always my favorite. We have been collaborating with a few brands the past few months and I have loved the process. I am so excited to share what we've been up to in the coming months!

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You're Internet famous now – how does it feel? Do people recognize you on the street in Manhattan? I don't know about Internet famous, but having our site in general has been a great experience and I have really loved the chance it's provided to connect with so many. It's a great community online, but it's even more real once you meet a reader in person. And meeting readers on the street is always a treat for us. We've actually made a few of our best friends by being approached on the street by a "reader"... it's amazing how a simple, "oh hey, I read your blog..." on the street corner can turn into a twenty minute conversation and then into a sincere and genuine friendship that has lasted for years now. So grateful for the chance to make connections like that, either in person or online through comments and emails.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you? I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from The Juilliard School in New York City, but I can't even do a somersault!

Follow Naomi on Twitter @loveTaza and her husband Josh @tiesandfries.

[Photo credits: Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries (top); Tim Coulson (bottom)]

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