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11 Brands Doing Cool Things with Vine

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A few weeks ago, Twitter launched Vine, an app that lets users capture and share short (6 seconds or less) looping videos. Much like Instagram turned us all into amateur photographers, Vine’s ability for users to shoot multiple clips and edit them together is turning us all into aspiring filmmakers and directors.

What we’re curious to see, however, is how brands will use this free marketing tool. Can you connect with someone in six short seconds and ultimately affect how they feel about your brand? In a world with ever-shrinking attention spans, might six seconds actually be a better way to get your message out there?

We found eleven brands that seem to think six seconds is plenty to entertain, captivate, and create positive sentiment. And we can’t help but agree.

1. Wheat Thins @wheatthins

Wheat Thins pitted San Francisco and Baltimore against each other in something besides football: a chance to bring free Wheat Thins to whichever city received more votes (a.k.a. retweets) during the Big Game.

Just 9 hrs left people. 'RT' this tweet until San Francisco is victorious. #SF #MUSTHAVEWHEATTHINS

— Wheat Thins (@WheatThins) January 27, 2013

When San Francisco won (the Wheat Thins, not the Super Bowl), they retweeted a recipient who used Vine to capture a delivery.

Nice Vine 6 second delivery video: RT @kzelley. #SF #MUSTHAVEWHEATTHINS now. Thanks @wheatthins

— Wheat Thins (@WheatThins) February 4, 2013

2. Urban Outfitters @UrbanOutfitters

Urban Outfitters immediately took to Vine and has posted a handful of funny videos since the app launched. We think they captured the spirit of the app and the Internet pretty well, however, with their very first try.

The most important Vine you'll ever see. #uodogs

— Urban Outfitters (@UrbanOutfitters) January 24, 2013

3. The Cavendish London @cavendish_hotel

The Cavendish London hotel is using Vine to create buzz and generate awareness by asking users to create a romantic Vine and tweet it with the #ValentineVine hashtag to win and overnight stay at the hotel. They posted their own Vine to help users get in the mood.

We are practicing ourown #ValentineVine

— The Cavendish London (@cavendish_hotel) February 6, 2013

4. Malibu Rum @Malibu_Rum

Malibu Rum’s first Vine used the six seconds wisely to give viewers a taste of how to mix the perfect drink using Malibu. We also appreciate that they clearly put some time and effort into the video showing that just because it’s only six seconds long doesn’t mean it’s only going to take six seconds to make.

When good things come together. Introducing our first Vine. #myfirstvine

— Malibu Rum (@Malibu_Rum) January 26, 2013

5. Glamour Magazine @glamourmag

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Glamour’s been using Vine to post quick clips of the runway during New York Fashion Week , but we really like how they’re also using it to give readers a quick glimpse behind-the-scenes of the mag.

A little glimpse at #beauty product heaven. #firstvine

— Glamour (@glamourmag) February 1, 2013

6. Dove @dove

We love Dove’s first Vine for its creativity and sense of humor. One of the best examples we’ve seen so far.

Our #firstpost on Vine! Definitely a strike, thanks to some last pin #magic.

— Dove (@Dove) January 25, 2013


PBS landed itself on this list by creating a Vine that’s not necessarily innovative or original, but took us down memory lane. Like Internet Explorer recently attempted with their “Child of the 90s” ad capitalizing on nostalgia is almost always a formula for success. Make sure to play this one with the sound to take you back in time.

Remember this? Can you guess when this intro aired on PBS? #PBSonVine #Vine

— PBS (@PBS) January 31, 2013

8. Jimmy Fallon @JimmyFallon

Another good example of how one single shot can still be quite clever.

The beginning. #loop

— jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) January 31, 2013

9. Bacardi UK @BacardiUK

Similar to Malibu, but even more specific, Bacardi only needs six seconds to show users how to make their Cuba Libre cocktail.

Our #CubaLibre #cocktail in #sixseconds. Which #SixSecondCocktail would you like to see next? #vine #howto

— Bacardi UK (@BacardiUK) February 5, 2013

10. Red Vines @RedVines

Red Vines saw an opportunity and jumped on it, posting this clever Vine the day of launch.

We made a @vineapp Vine video of Red Vines. #Vineception

— Red Vines (@RedVines) January 25, 2013

11. Calvin Klein @CalvinKlein

And last, but certainly not least... Calvin Klein paid for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl, but it’s this Vine they sent for free during the power outage that really got people talking… and watching.

Since the lights are still out... #SB47

— Calvin Klein (@CalvinKlein) February 4, 2013

Which brands have you seen use Vine in an interesting way? Let us know in the comments.

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