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The Year in Venn 2012

Every week we give you our take on media and marketing in our Week in Venn newsletter. You give us your attention because, we hope, we reward that attention with an interesting perspective, an insight you can develop, or a quick chuckle at our diagrams.

From digital publishing and content marketing insights to ruminations on how we use our mobile devices, these were the favorite Week in Venn columns from 2012.

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The Web Is So Over, Are You Ready?

For those of you who have procrastinated about getting your Website together, I have some good news: You don't really need one anymore. Welcome to the post-Web era. This doesn't mean that the Web is really dead. Far from it. But the stand-alone Website, in all of its pixilated glory, is becoming obsolete…

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Great Advertising Is Content

The attention wars have been raging for years, but the battlefronts are changing. A captive audience that you can blast with intrusive advertising is a thing of the past. The Internet gives us choices. We can download our favorite shows without commercials. We can ignore or block ads, even on our favorite sites. Make no mistake about it, all advertising is now opt-in...

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The 5 Myths of Native Advertising

There's a new black in digital media and it's called native advertising. What it is and who coined the phrase depends on who you ask. Mashable credits Fred Wilson from a talk he gave last September where he mentioned "native monetization" for Web properties like Tumblr. Whatever you call it, if you haven't seen native advertising yet, you just haven't been looking …

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The Real Reason No One Sees Online Ads

Here's a sobering statistic: The average time spent on a Web page is steadily decreasing, with users spending only 40 seconds on a single page. Even worse for publishers and advertisers, 31 percent of ads are never even seen…

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I Was Wrong: Banners Ads Aren't Dead

In 2006, in a Forbes article titled "Death of the Banner Ad?," I said banner ads were doomed. Today I'd like to go on the record and say: I was wrong. Banners not only don't have to be lame, they can deliver experiences (and results!) that are amazing…

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Mobile Is the New Cigarette

Early in 2012, the New York Times wondered whether tablet devices were on the verge of making PCs obsolete. It’s obvious that PCs can still do plenty of things that tablets and phones can’t, but it’s not an idle question…

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The Secret to a Successful Modern Media Brand

They say time flies when you’re having fun which must be true, since it’s hard to believe we're already celebrating the first anniversary of one of our media properties: xoJane. A lot has happened since the launch of Jane Pratt’s online home for independent, opinionated, and passionate women…

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Are You Living a Cultivated Life?

Tomatoes are growing on fire escapes all over Brooklyn. Apartment dwellers in Germany are flocking to rent-a-garden plots and planting portable vegetable beds in vacant lots. In Australia, crowds are lining up outside a former warehouse where a mini-farm—complete with chicken coops—supplies the menu items for a hipster coffee shop. This is what prompted us to create Gardenista…

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7 Things Making Digital Publishing Better Now

This is it: the golden moment when digital media can really come into its own. To create a new standard in quality digital publishing, we need to recognize it as an entirely new medium and rethink the relationship between content, editorial design and user experience. Sometimes that means…

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The Power of a Great Brand Story

Print, TV, radio, outdoor, in-store, direct mail, social media, viral videos... Of all the marketing techniques we have at our disposal today, storytelling is the only one that has been embraced by humanity for the better part of the past 40,000 years…

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