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10 Funniest Super Bowl Ads of 2012 - and What to Expect for 2013

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We know that Super Bowl commercials are as important as (some say *MORE* important than) the game itself. Why else would someone go through the trouble of uploading their opinion of the top 10 commercials from the 2012 Super Bowl onto YouTube? And why else would it be watched 1.2 million times?

So here is a quick look back at the funniest commercials from last year's Super Bowl, according to the YouTube user who put the video together (he likes guns, Call of Duty, and Dr. Pepper - so clearly he's in the target demo).

We have a quick preview of what to expect from that advertiser for their 2013 Super Bowl offering. After all, these spots only cost $3.8 million per 30 seconds. So here's our preview for what to expect in February:

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10. Hyundai

2012 -- The boss has a heart attack in the car and his young, thrifty employee shocks him back to life with his sporty Hyundai's acceleration and braking prowess.

2013 -- We don't know much about the Korean automaker's plans for this year's Super Bowl, but they've bought at least one slot.

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9. Audi

2012 -- A vampire field party ruined by Audi's "daylight" LED headlights. Maybe a funny ad, but did anybody research the average age of a Twilight fan compared to the average age of an Audi buyer?

2013 -- Audi has purchased one 60-second spot, making 2013 the sixth consecutive Super Bowl to see an Audi ad. Maybe this year, there will be werewolves getting roadkilled by a silver Audi?

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8. Pepsi

2012 -- It's a celebrity-filled skit set in a over-costumed kings court, where Pepsi is liberated from the evil king (Elton John), who falls into the dungeon with Flavor Flav. It's good to have funny commercials filled with celebs when you taste like Pepsi.

2013 -- Learning from the mistake of paying Elton John to be its Super Bowl face, in 2013 Pepsi is all about Beyonce, Beyonce and Beyonce. She will be in Pepsi's ad; she will perform at halftime; and Pepsi is sponsoring the halftime show.

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7. Hyundai

2012 -- In a race between a Hyundai and a cheetah, the cheetah gives up racing the car and turns on the person.

2013 -- In 2012, Hyundai bought three spots for three different ads; it seems to have worked because two of them made this top 10. Many advertisers will buy multiple spots for this year's game; expect multiples from Anheuser-Busch InBev, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.

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6. M&M's

2012 -- The overt sexualization of TV commercials has now permeated the candy market. In 2012, the M&M Super Bowl ad introduced a sexy-but-smart spokescandy, Ms. Brown, and the "moron" dude candy strips "naked" and dances to "Sexy and I Know It."

2013 -- One 30-second ad in the first quarter. Probably of two peanut M&M's grinding on each other for the full 30.

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5. E*Trade

2012 -- The latest installment of the E*Trade baby's crazy know-it-all antics, only this time in a maternity ward. And the kicker is, his toddler buddy is "speed dating" a nursery full of infants. Not creepy at all.

2013 -- There are no reports that the E*Trade baby bought a Super Bowl ticket this year. Maybe he lost his ad budget after a day-trading binge without a nap.

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4. Doritos

2012 -- A baby and grandma on the porch conspire against a bratty older sibling who is hogging all the Doritos. Well, a little sling-shot action powered by grandma's rascal scooter will solve this problem!

2013 -- For the past six years, Pepsi Frito-Lay has outsourced its Doritos creative department to its fans and consumers, giving all the creative slackers with iPhones and YouTube accounts the opportunity to blow $3.8 million in 30 seconds. Naturally, the contest to pick the winning video exists in a Facebook app, where you can go and preview the nacho cheese.

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3. Dannon's Oikos Greek Yogurt

2012 -- Yogurt worth head-butting John Stamos over. If you remember Uncle Jesse from Full House, then this yogurt will make you want to head-butt him, or something.

2013 -- Dannon was a new-comer in 2012, and it might have been a one-time thing. Whose idea was it to try to sell health food to women during the Super Bowl? The only Uncle Jesse that Super Bowl watchers want to see is the one from the Dukes of Hazzard, and he better not be eating yogurt.

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2. Chevrolet

2012 -- A young graduate confuses his parents' modest gift with Mr. Johnson's new sporty yellow Chevy convertible. Kids today, am I right?

2013 -- GM will not advertise in the 2013 Super Bowl. It's just not worth it, they say. Does that mean the Super Bowl is the new Facebook?

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1. Skechers GoRun Sneakers

2012 -- Mr. Quiggly, a French bulldog, has no business running in a greyhound dog race, and yet, with tiny red Skecher GoRun sneakers, Mr. Quiggly wins by a wide enough margin to moonwalk across the finish line, and the kicker is that the owner is Mark Cuban. It's cute because it makes you wonder exactly what sort of regulatory agency oversees dog racing in that state.

2013 -- Skechers announced way back in June 2012 that it planned to return to the Super Bowl commercial race of 2013, while also announcing that adorable Mr. Quiggly will also return. Apparently, Skechers thinks it's on to a good thing, and Mr. Quiggly is going to take them there.

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