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Le Fashion: Irresistibly Obsessed with Style

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h1 Readers know when you aren't being genuine.

Jenn Camp, Le Fashion

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Talk about over-achievers: Jenn Camp recently completed her grad school course work, runs 5 sites including the popular Le Fashion and Olsens Anonymous, and is a regular contributor to WhoWhatWear. Besides creating some of the best of-the-moment editorials whereever she posts, she's also the first to find comparable looks off the runway in incredibly well edited outift shopping collages. This is a fashion rising star to watch.

As a recent addition to the Say 100 fashion channel, we caught up with Jenn via email to find out why she's devoted a whole blog to the Olsens, how she juggles keeping all her sites fresh, and her favorite fashion finds for the season.

You have Le Fashion– and five other sites. And you're a contributor to Who What Wear while also going to school. Why did you feel you needed that many venues – and how do you get it all done? Thankfully, I've recently finished my grad school course load and it's been much less chaotic, haha. I started a few of the blogs before grad school as a way to have a creative outlet. I spent most of my undergrad painting and drawing as an art major, so heading into a grad program for psychological counseling I knew I would need to keep doing something creative or I'd go crazy. The key to me getting everything done was time management. I scheduled my days to include time for school, the blogs and some semblance of a social life. I was trying to find balance between everything. Blogging has always been a great distraction from the stressful things in life so I am happy I made it work.

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What do you love about the Olsens that inspired you to devote a whole blog to their style? I love that they are never afraid to try new things and I have always admired how they are always ahead of the curve. They have always inspired me to take fashion risks that remain true to my personal style as well. At the time, there was no place really dedicated to their style and I had a folder on my desktop filled with inspiration shots and figured why not share it with others.

What are your most popular posts – and what do you think that says about your readers? The most popular posts are the ones that have amazing styling whether in editorial or street style shots on Le Fashion or the personal looks of MKA on Olsens Anonymous. On Le Love the most popular are the ones that people are truly able to relate to or ones with controversial love stories. I think that it shows that my readers are looking for well edited, interesting and new content. What's most gratifying and humbling is that they enjoy what I share as much as I do.

Was there a particular post or series that put you on the map? I think that focusing on love quotes/photos/stories and the Olsen's fashion at a time when no one else was helped me grow an audience. As for Le Fashion, it was all about the timing- I started it at a time right before fashion blogs blew up.

You've turned your site into a serious business. What do you credit as your secret? I'd have to say time management, daily dedication and always looking for something new and different to share. Also, staying true to myself and making sure to post on things that I truly enjoy, not soley influenced by advertisers/brands. Readers know when you aren't being genuine.

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E-commerce and fashion sites seem like a match made in heaven. How are you experimenting with online shopping? It truly is a great match. As a reader of fashion blogs myself, I used to wonder where or how I could get different pieces from the inspiration photos I found online. Now, unlike ever before, bloggers can share with their readers the best way to get a look and we can instantly buy these things online. It's a godsend.

You get to see and try a lot of fashion pieces early. What are your favorite fashion finds for this season? I'm most excited for the Dries Van Noten (serious plaid perfection), 3.1 Phillip Lim (that pink moto jacket!), then Tibi and Jenni Kayne for their bright and cool collections. On a side note, I am loving camouflage print jackets for spring- especially the ones you can find at thrift stores.

What fashion insiders do you admire? Who are your soulmates in style? I absolutely adore Christine Centenera, Taylor Tomasi-Hill and Emmanuelle Alt. As for my soulmates in style, my mind goes to fashion bloggers like Elin Kling of Style by Kling, Sabrina Meijer from Afterdrk, Frances Kwon of Pink Horrorshow and Jayne Min of StopItRightNow come to mind.

You're Internet famous now – how does it feel? Do people recognize you on the street too? I am always weirded out when I am told I'm internet famous, haha. It's fun, humbling and a blessing. Since I was little, I would devour magazines and would fill so many folders with things I had torn out. Today, I am essentially doing the same but on a grander scale and getting to share it with like-minded people. I am so grateful to be able to do this on a daily basis. As for getting recognized, since I am not a personal style blogger, I remain under the radar when I am out. I am pretty private, so I really appreciate this.

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