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Jane Pratt on How to Quit Faking It

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No, not that. (Well, not just that.) Our own Jane Pratt, founder of Sassy and Jane magazines and now xoJane wrote a column for Glamour's January "All About You" issue called How I Quit Faking It—one of the first stories she’s contributed to a print publication since leaving Jane in 2005. In the piece, Jane dishes about how she started telling the truth - to herself and everyone else. Among the revelations:

When I started prep school at Phillips Academy Andover, I had a full scholarship. Although my family had gone on food stamps, I told my dorm mates we had a house in Malibu—because I wanted to fit in with these kids who had second and third houses in places called things like Malibu. I didn’t get that it made no sense to have a weekend house in Malibu when you lived in North Carolina. I never said I was a good liar.

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And then this:

When you talk about what you’re going through while it’s raw, you open the door for others to do the same—while dissipating any shame that you might feel. The beauty of technology now is that we can document these things as they happen, so there is never a beginning, middle, and end to our stories. They, like life, are ongoing. They, like us, are works in progress.

The result of all this introspection? Jane has built one of the fastest growing online publishing brands for women in the history of the Web. The Glamour article is a great read and prelude to Jane's speaker panel at SXSW this March. Check out the full piece here.

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