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Eye Candy: 9 Instagram Accounts for the Shoe Addict

With any social media medium comes rules. They differ for each individual, of course, but exist nonetheless. On Instagram, a few of the commandments include "no mirror pictures," "no greasy food pics," "no words," and "no pictures of your shoes." Personally, we think if you think it’s worth posting, then that’s all that matters, but we especially take issue with the "no shoes" rule. No shoes? That’s really toeing the line. (Ahem.)

Shoes are one of the most glorious pieces of eye candy to ever exist. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of nine shoe-centric Instagram accounts we think put their very best foot forward. That have great sole. That are incredibly well-heeled. (Sorry.) Puns aside, if you love shoes, these people and brands are a must-follow. And don’t worry sneaker lovers, there are a few in there for you too.

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Vanity Fair @VanityFair

Followers: 125,956

Vanity Fair’s Instagram feed isn’t just about shoes; you'll also find amazing vintage photos, classic covers, adorable dogs, and behind-the-scene shots. But every Tuesday is #shoesday and it’s not to be missed.

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Puma @puma

Followers: 35,504

Unlike a lot of other sneaker brands, Puma’s Instagram is almost completely about shoes. Colorful sneakers up-close and in the wild make this a must-follow for anyone obsessed with sweet kicks.

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Jane Aldridge/Sea of Shoes @seaofshoes

Followers: 53,957 Warning Ladies: This is not an Instagram account you want to follow while on a budget. All of the shoes featured are gorgeous, glamorous, and highly-covetable.

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Jeffrey Campbell @JeffreyCambpell

Followers: 474,448 Jeffrey Campbell shoes are instantly recognizable and totally drool-worthy. Like art for your feet, his bold designs are full of color, shine, and unusual details. His Instagram pics provide a close-up look at these museum-worthy pieces.

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Jerome C. Rousseau @jeromecrousseau

Followers: 1260

Jerome C. Rousseau launched his shoe label in 2008. He’s inspired by shape, silhouette, and structure, which is evident in his Instagram photos. Plenty of previews of his upcoming line are complimented with lots of cocktail photos. The best part though? A behind-the-scenes look at shoe development in Italy. Too bad he doesn’t update more often.

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Opé Majek @opethestylist

Followers: 2400

A list like this can’t play favorites, but if it could, Opé Majek would win the title. A freelance fashion stylist with a flair for the dramatic, Opé’s Instagram amazing finds perfectly capture why it is so many women own so many shoes. Simply stunning.

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Sole Control @feetheat

Followers: 6554

Another great one for sneakerholics. Close ups of tons of brands, both new and vintage. Pictured here: Original Jordans. Pretty much enough to make any sneakerhead flip out. (They also have a consignment shop where they sell most of the shoes pictured.)

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Manolo Blahnik @manoloblahnikhq

Followers: 3488

Made even more famous by Carrie Bradshow, Manolos are the ultimate in sexy shoes that never pinch. Perfect for a night out on the town. The photos in this feed are whimsical and fun, with lots of pictures of tea time and macaroons. Oh, and more beautiful shoes than any one girl could ever want.

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Christian Louboutin @louboutinworld

Followers: 771207

This list couldn’t exist without the king of the red soles. This Instagram account captures the magic that is Louboutin: Unique, glamorous, sexy, and on every woman’s wish list.

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