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Creative Spotlight: AdFrames Hall of Fame 2012

When you love what you do, you look for opportunities to celebrate your best work. That's what the Creative Studio at Say Media does each quarter for the best ads it has delivered to clients. Here are the award-winners from the latest Hall of Fame Awards:

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First Place: 2013 Honda Accord Readers will first notice the stunning grille of the car at the top of the page, lighting the way and setting the tone of the immersive, fully branded, full-screen, gorgeous experience for the 2013 Honda Accord. The engagement in each of the 7 beautifully designed tiles bleed off the edges, supported by a slick secondary nav. On first visit to each tile video will auto play and upon return, you can replay the video from an end card.

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Second Place: Los Angeles Times The experience begins with an intriguing invitation and an engaging copy hook, then lets you to explore current issues and trends with an interactive carousel delivering video, in unit polling, and links to the articles on the LA Times.

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Third Place: Samsung Audio Dock Clicking a hotspot triggers one of seven 3D animations settling on a clear detailed description of the feature for the Samsung Audio Dock. Instead of a standard image gallery, animated techniques give you a better sense of the product as a sculptural object in 3D space.

Runner's Up

Starbucks Verismo This Starbucks spotlight showcases a partnership of two brands (Starbucks and Remodelista) that effectively benefits the brand, the publisher and the user in one engaging experience.

Clinique The Chubby Sticks Jar rotates 360 degrees, requesting an estimate of the number of contents inside of it and with that, entering the competition to win a special prize. All the guesses go directly to the client and users can tweet their entries.

Estēe Lauder This ad allows the user to paint with any of the 30 shades of the Double Wear Makeup line. The brush reacts to the speed, direction and position with line weights and drips similar to the textures created by the models in the opening video.

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