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7 Online Magazines for Stylish Parents

Sure there are your average run-of-the-mill parenting magazines that any mom or dad can find on the newsstand, but what about modern, sophisticated parents who are looking for something more unique and off the beaten track? After all, not every parent wants to read about diaper changes, spit up, and mashed peas. Why read about that stuff when they're already living it?

Instead, more parents are looking for magazines that let them escape the day-to-day realities and bask in the magic and whimsy that is having an inquisitive, growing child who's constantly discovering more and more about his or her individuality and personal taste.

We found seven online magazines that are full of gorgeous photographs, amazing fashion, intriguing interviews, and even a few practical tips, crafts, and recipes from here to there. These are magazines that that savor the part of parenthood that strays from sensibility from time to time, but always does so in the most stylish way possible.


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Small was created by two best friends who wanted to showcase independent and small scale design for kids. Fun fashion is paired with interesting articles about artists and designers who create for children. Quirky illustrations give it a feel that's all its own.

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La Petite

La Petite employs the power of nostalgia to inspire mothers to come up with creative and imaginative ideas "for the little ones" in their lives. Whimsical photographs of beautiful children are paired with useful tips, Q&As, and fashion that will make moms envious.

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Babiekins is a magazine "for the trendsetting child," but clearly also for the trendsetting parent. Fabulous finds, unbelievable fashion, great styling and photography, and stories for the children make this one of our favorites of the bunch.

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"Raising an inspired generation," Maeve is a quarterly online magazine aimed at the conscious consumer and stylish mothers. Maeve is geared towards 30 and 40-somethings and women who want knowledge and real life content (both of which are well written and thoughtful). Anything that can be purchased is clickable, which is slightly dangerous, but also delightful. Mostly though, we're obsessed with the gorgeous photography. As with the other online magazines on this list, it's truly what sets it apart from the average "mommy blog."

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Kid-In has a surreal, magical feel to it, which, if you think about it, is the best way to describe much of what childhood feels like for both the child and the parent. Interviews, portraits, and fashion are all captured in unusual and surprising ways that range from dark to whimsical to completely surprising. It might be a little artsy for some, but we think even those without children will be riveted by this site.

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Papier Mache

Look no further for the chicest in children's fashion, furniture, bedding, and more. Sure, a parent might not actually buy her daughter a Junior Gaultier dress, but they sure are gorgeous to look at.

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Rhubie & Rhett

Though only on its second issue, this new digital magazine for parents includes helpful tips about educational apps and children's music and book reviews, but also engaging interviews, great fashion finds, and our favorite: "Day in the Life," a photo series that captures one day in a child's life from morning to bed time.

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