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10 Great Illustrators on Instagram

Sometimes on Instagram it’s not about the "best person" to follow or the "top" person in the industry; rather, it’s about following people who take photos or create art that make you smile as you scroll through your feed. Today is about those people. The following are ten illustrators who might not be that famous or well-known, but whose work we really enjoy. And you also get a feel for the person behind the pen, pencil or brush.

Let us know which other illustrators you think we should follow in the comments.

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Ana Bagayan @anabagayan

Ana Bayayan is an artist who was born in Armenia but has been living and working in Southern California for a number of years. Her drawings and fantastical and unexpected with a dream-like quality. This is an image of pop star Carly Rae Jepsen that she drew for a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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Ben O’Brien @benillustrator

Motivated by "fascinating environments," Ben O’Brien draws everything from animals to nature to city buildings. One thing that’s clear from his Instagram feed, he never puts the pen down.

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Yuko Shimizu @yukoart

Yuko Shimizu is an award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York. Many of her pictures have both Japanese and Cantonese themes and Multiversity Comics just named her the Number One Cover Artist of 2012.

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Susie Ghahremani @boygirlparty

Susie Ghahremani’s work combines her love of nature, animal, and music. Her illustrations are positive, fun and will definitely put a smile on your face.

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Stephanie Fizer Coleman @stephfizercoleman

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A freelance children’s illustrator who is clearly influenced by her love of nature and patterns, this account is interesting to follow because the artists posts pictures of her works in progress.

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Johan Eriksson @captainunderwear

This Swedish artist has a background in costume design for film and stage, but his childhood dream was always to illustrate a children’s book. In 2012, that dream came true.

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Evgenia Golubeva @neverland_dictator

A writer and illustrator, Evgenia Golubeva’s drawings might first appear as though they’re geared towards children, but there’s something about the characters that definitely also appeals to adults.

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Teresa Ong @chopsticksroad

This animation student who likes to think she is "a fish living in a well, or maybe a frog" delights with her Post-It doodles.

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Charles Dutertre @charles_dutertre

A French illustrator of children’s books, it’s the detail and color of Charles Dutertre’s illustrations that make him a must-follow.

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Mark Conlan @markconlan

This designer/illustrator creates children’s book panels, iPhone cases, t-shirts, and more. But it’s the innocence paired with darkness that’s most captivating.

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