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10 Ads Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

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The Super Bowl is right around the corner and we all know what that means. All eyes on which teams will make it to The Big Game and, of course, all eyes on which brands will debut the funniest commercials. While it’s debatable that a funny ad actually drives purchase intent, there’s no denying that the ads that make people laugh are the ones that have everyone talking the next day at the water cooler and are the most likely to go viral.

In anticipation of this year’s new batch of hilarious (and expensive) spots, we compiled a list of ten commercials that never fail to make us laugh. There are clearly more than just these ten, so let us know which ones we missed in the comments.

Bud Light Swear Jar

A little juvenile, perhaps, but hey, it’s a commercial that’s supposed to make you laugh. No one expects Oscar-worthy moments. That being said, this 60-second spot did win an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Commercial” in 2008. Another interesting fact? In 2008 it was viewed more than 12 million times on the Internet… but it never aired on television.

Reebok Terry Tate

Physical comedy, violence, and making fun of cliché office politics make for a hard-hitting and hilarious commercial. Even though this was first shown at the Super Bowl almost a decade ago in 2003, it still remains a fan favorite for funniest commercial ever.

Chevrolet Happy Grad

It’s not nice to laugh at other people’s misfortunes, but it sure is fun.

Volkswagen The Force

This Volkswagen commercial premiered during the 2011 Super Bowl and was one of the most talked about in the following days, even earning the little boy who plays Darth Vader an appearance on The Today Show. We love this because not only is it funny, it’s also heart warming. Awwwww.

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Dollar Shave Club

We’ll admit we had to go check to even make sure if this company was still in business, and, shocking: they are! But even if they weren’t, this ad cracks us up every time. The comic timing is perfect and the complete ridiculousness of it all somehow manages to actually resonate.

Aldi Tea

This "advert" is proof that even a discount supermarket chain with a low advertising budget can get their message across AND make people laugh.

Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Not only was this commercial unexpected and hilarious, it was one of the first television ads to capitalize on social media. After the positive reaction, Isaiah Mustafa filmed over 180 "personalized responses" in the span of three days thanking bloggers, celebrities, and people on Twitter for their online compliments. Definitely an impressive way to join the conversation.

Skittles Pinata

Candy commercials are notorious for using bizarre humor, but this particular Skittles commercial makes us crack up every time. The premise is so absurd that it somehow feels plausible. “I’m just like everybody else!”


There’s a good chance you’ve seen this French classic before, but the twist at the end makes it one of our favorites. Definitely a commercial you’d never see in America.

And last but not least…

WARNING: SOUND IS NSFW! (So put on your headphones if you haven’t already.) But it's also hilarious and definitely worth watching ( and 30 million people have already beat you to it). We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll just have to watch it to see why it’s so funny. Trust us.

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