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Top 10 Say Daily Brand and Marketing Stories in 2012

It's the end of the year roundup season, so we couldn’t resist a list of our own Top 10 stories for 2012. From maps of the online publishing universe to stories about what brands are doing on new platforms, here's what people loved reading about brand marketing here this year - and what you may have missed. We'll be rounding up our top interview subjects and our most popular Venns in a future posts as well – stay tuned.

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An Irreverent and Delicious Map of the Online Food World

For our Spring 2012 issue of SAY Magazine we explore the brave new world of food lovers and the amazing digital publishers that are satisfying their hunger. To illustrate our point, we also created an amazing giant map to highlight who these incredible creators are and help you find your way around this world...

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9 Brands Doing Great Things on Tumblr

Tumblr offers an incredibly simple way to share content, but it’s streamlined layouts favor companies with strong visuals who are looking to connect with audiences in an intimate, but digestible way. It’s strong social component makes sharing easy, which is an important factor for the community which is eager to share smart, visually rich content. Here are 9 brands using the service in an exceptionally compelling way...

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Amazing Map of the Tech Publishing Universe

For the Summer 2012 issue of SAY Magazine we chronicle how an unlikely group of renegade writers are changing journalism – and the future of publishing. To illustrate our point, we also created a giant map of the tech publishing universe to highlight these incredible creators and help you navigate this fast-changing world...

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Top 20 People on Pinterest (It's Not Who You Think)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then it's no wonder that Pinterest is growing faster than Facebook and Twitter (at the same point in their short history). With almost 12 million users and 104.4 million monthly visits, it’s becoming clear why the content sharing service will is valued at nearly $1.5 billion. It’s not just Pinterest's incredibly fast growth, however, that makes it interesting - or that differentiates it from Facebook and Twitter...

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10 Ads Guaranteed to Make You Cry

Warning: These commercials will make you cry. And if for some bizarre reason they don’t cause actual tears to fall out of your eyes, they will, at the very least, make you feel things. We don’t present them to you all at once in order to embarrass you in front of your coworkers. Rather, we feel these particular advertisements are all excellent examples of the power of storytelling...

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7 People Redefining Mobile Interfaces

Some of the most interesting design work these days is happening in phone apps and tablet experiences. Here are the innovators that are changing the way we work and play. Stuart Miles of Pocket-lint provides a great list of mobile UI designers to watch...

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The Rise of the Tech Bandits

How an unlikely group of renegade writers are changing journalism and the future of publishing. A great read by Dan Frommer...

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The Power of Real-Time Content Marketing

David Meerman Scott has spent a lot of time thinking about content marketing. His philosophy in a nutshell is that the old rules of PR and marketing in mainstream media don't work on the Web. Instead, he believes anybody can earn attention by publishing their way in using social media tools, blogs, podcasts, viral marketing, and other online media...

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Top 10 Foodies on Instagram

We tend to judge our food before we’ve even put it in our mouths. Color, texture, lighting, and presentation all play a role in how appetizing we think something looks. Fortunately there are food writers and photographers who, whether they’re cooking it themselves or eating it out and about, can perfectly capture the moment when a plate of food is set before you and you know you’re about to experience something special. Call it food porn, call it drool-worthy, or call it art, we’ve found the best Foodie Instagram accounts that take all three into account...

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10 Stunning Pro Photographers on Instagram

There are the professional photographers who have embraced Instagram as a useful tool that turns their phone into a camera (no equipment to lug around) and lets them instantly share their art with others. Here are just a few of our favorites of the latter – pro photographers who also experiment and share...

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