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How We'll Read in 2013: Top 10 Phones and Tablets

One thing we know about 2013 is that more content, more ads and more marketing campaigns will be geared towards phones, tablets and mobile devices than ever before. So it might be a good idea to look at the trends of the most popular tech gadgets of 2012, since those are the platforms that will be shaping the advertising and marketing landscape of the not-too-distant future.

So here is a quick run-down of the top 10 phones and tablets of 2012 that most people will be using to consume online content in 2013.

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The iPhone 5

It’s bigger, thinner and lighter than the 4 and 4S; and with iCloud functionality brought to it by Mountain Lion, the iPhone 5 remains the industry standard of what one can accomplish in a hand-held device. When the elders of Cupertino reversed their decision to exile Google and permited a Google Maps app on the iPhone 5, the news caused 10 million downloads in 48 hours.

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Samsung Galaxy S3

Everyone laughed at Samsung and their iPhone knock-offs until their blistering ad campaign this summer (timed just right to step on the iPhone 5 release) that basically called out all the iPhone early adopters as iSheep. In the 4Q of 2012, Apple requested that the GS3 be added to the list of banned products; Samsung dropped its suit against Apple in Europe; and a judge set a court date for this whole mess for 2014.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2

It’s the thing that made us say “phablet” for the first time. It’s an oversized phone; it’s a tablet; OK, it’s a phablet. And while it is also embroiled in the Samsung/Apple imbroglio, this device can do something that at the end of 2012 is rare if not unique: the ability to run two apps in different windows at the same time.

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Windows Phone 8

It’s the second iteration of Window’s phone platform, so naturally it’s named “8.” With that little bit of Microsoft mine-is-bigger-than-yours-ism aside, the Windows phone platform is surprisingly not terrible. Both the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumina 920 are getting great reviews. And news of bandwagon supporters continues to pour in, with the latest edition being that popular IM app WhatsApp, which is a fusion between text and instant message systems.

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Motorola Droid Razr

This is Google’s entry in the “We hate Apple a whole bunch” contest. Google hates Apple so much that it bought Motorola and brought the Razr brand back from the dead with Droids. In another bit of fun, Motorola/Google has declared a three-way war against Apple and Samsung with this ad campaign targeting Galaxy S3 users.

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iPad Mini

Neither of the new iPads that got released this year -- the 3 and the mini -- were serious game changers except for third-party power cord manufacturers who love that new 5-watt interface. Although the iPad Mini’s battery has three times the capacity of the iPhone 5, it will take much longer to charge to full strength using the 5-watt plug. Also, the Mini is not a “phablet” because it doesn’t make phone calls; it’s more of a bad-ass Kindle Fire.

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Kindle Fire

This year was the year that Kindles really took on a life of their own and reaffirmed Amazon’s strong position in the publishing-tech-gadget worlds. It might be the only true tablet competition to the iPad out there, even with the Nook nipping at its heels. And now with the Kindle Fire, one can watch HD movies and other streaming content, the Fire was a big deal in 2012. However, the Fire better watch out for the iPad Mini.

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Nexus 7

This is Google’s entry into the tablet market, and the reception to it has been warm, even if it lacks the sort of accessories that tablet users have come to expect. This tablet should see deeper market penetration in 2013 if Google drops the price on the Nexus to $99 as rumored.

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Microsoft Surface

It seems like only yesterday when our world revolved around Microsoft. While one can say that now Microsoft has entered the hardware-software fusion market, unfortunately the reviewers are as unimpressed as McKayla.

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Blackberry Bold & Curve

Newsflash: RIM and Blackberry still exist. Shocking, I know. But people actually searched for RIM’s Bold and Curve devices this year, and probably not in an ironic way. The fact is that Blackberries are still huge in some markets.

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