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ReadWrite Mix: Guy Kawasaki on Google+, Why Android Rocks, and the Magic of Self-Publishing

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This week's ReadWrite Mix kicked off with a bang when Guy Kawasaki admitted the religious moments in his life have been "meeting my wife, investing in Macintosh, Google+ and hockey." Google+? Really? That was just one of the surprises in store for the evening as ReadWrite editor-in-chief Dan Lyons interviewed former chief Apple evangelist, the co-founder of Alltop, prolific tweeter, and author of many books including most recently Author, Publisher Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book.

Other fun stuff from Guy last night included a confession that he "lived in fear of being ripped in front of a lot of people by Steve Jobs," in business "most people are in the incompetent asshole bucket," "I was never really in Job's reality distortion field" and "Google+ to me is the Macintosh of social media." (Not surprisingly, he wrote a book on that last point too).

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He also spilled the beans on why he self-publishes (it's better business) and his advice for writers: "If you want to write a book, use Microsoft Word. You may not like it, but suck it up."

Finally, the formerly Apple evangelist also admitted he's now an avid Android fan: "Today I believe if you think different you use Android." Zing!

Thanks to everyone who attended and made it a great evening. You can follow the best tweets on the hashtag #ReadWriteMix or get the full rundown on the evening from ReadWrite here.

Update: A short video highlight from the event where Guy talks about why he prefers Android...

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