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Top 10 Sports Teams on Instagram

Tons of individual players have taken to Instagram and Twitter to promote themselves and interact with the fans, but we were curious to see which teams and organizations have successfully adopted the photo-sharing app loved by so many.

Here are the ones we feel are using Instagram in the best way possible to connect, share, and give their followers and inside look at what happens on and off the ice, court, and field.

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San Francisco Giants @sfgiants

Of course this list has to begin with World Champion San Francisco Giants. Crowd shots, action shots, and plenty of homerun shots, this Instagram account is a definite winner. Just like the Giants.

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Boston Bruins @nhlbruins

A look off the ice at the players doing charity work, visiting with fans, and even taking their cute pups on a walk.

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Boston Celtics @celtics

Gorgeous cinematography meets candid snapshops in this Instagram account of the 17-time world champion Boston Celtics.

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MLB @mlbofficial

The ultimate Instagram account for every baseball to follow. From the first pitch to the World Series parade, they capture it all.

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Philadelphia Eagles @philadelphiaeagles

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Warm-ups, charity events, gameday magazines and more, this account is a must-follow for fan who likes the E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!

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San Francisco 49ers @49ers

Photos from on and off the field, updates for the new stadium construction, and fan favorites… Any 49ers faithful will enjoy this up close and personal look at the boys in red and gold.

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New England Patriots @patriots

Tons of shots of the team traveling, cheerleaders, dogs and babies dressed in Patriots gear, and great plays on the field. The one thing that might disappoint the ladies? Not a whole lot of Tom Brady.

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New York Rangers @NYRangers

Follow them for the #FlashbackFriday pictures, if for nothing else.

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Sacramento Kings @sacramentokings

Some of the photos with slogans get a little cheesy (“Teamwork makes the dream work” – yikes!), but it’s refreshing to see a team that’s struggling so hard financially and otherwise become one of the first in the NBA to adopt the photo sharing app.

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Dallas Cowboys @dallascowboys

Some may call them “America’s Team” – we’ll refrain from comment – but regardless of how you feel about them, the Cowboys Instagram account is well done with a good mix of player action shots, moments off the field, and, of course, their infamous cheerleaders.

Who do you follow for sports on Instagram?

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