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ReadWrite Mix: Tech Predictions for 2013 with Kara Swisher and Owen Thomas

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Earlier this month, ReadWrite editor-in-chief Dan Lyons hosted an inaugural ReadWrite Mix with Kara Swisher of All Things D and Vanity Fair (Dan called her "the Oprah of tech journalism"), Owen Thomas of Business Insider, and Aaron Ricadela of Bloomberg Businessweek. It was an irreverent night of barbs, debate, predictions and laughs including some choice quotes from the panelists. Among the highlights and revelations were that "Marisa Mayer has a magical unicorn property," "Samsung will push aggressively into Silicon Valley," "it makes zero sense for Apple to buy Square," and a surprise … "there are a lot of big minds chasing small ideas in Silicon Valley."

We caught some highlights on video including the panel's tech company predictions for Amazon, Apple and Microsoft:

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We also captured some of their thoughts about the leadership styles of industry giants like Scott Forstall, Steven Sinofsky, and Marissa Mayer and the cult of personality in tech companies:

Another highlight: Dan Lyons brought global technology visionary Vivek Wadhwa on stage to show off a $20 tablet computer and discuss worldwide trends that challenge our parochial perceptions of the future of technology. Read more about how a $20 tablet can change the world on ReadWrite or catch the video here:

If you missed the first ReadWrite Mix, don't miss the next one on December 12, a fireside chat between Dan Lyons and author and evangelist Guy Kawasaki. It's free and filling up fast - if you're interested in attending you can sign up here.

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