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Mobile Matters at Internet Week Europe

The future of mobile marketing and its importance to advertisers was explored last night at Mobile Is the New Cigarette hosted by Say Media as part of Internet Week Europe.

Almost 100 marketing, media, mobile and online experts along with associated trade press attended "Mobile Is the New Cigarette" at Loungelover in Shoreditch (East London) to hear from thought leaders Stuart Miles, CEO and founder of, acclaimed author Mark Earls, and Say Media’s mobile publisher Doug Grinspan, as they discussed and explored the future of mobile marketing from a technology, behavioural and content perspective.

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Mark Earls, Stuart Miles & Doug Grinspan

Say Media's mobile research findings underpinned the evening, helping guests to understand how different demographic groups are using their mobile devices and how this consumption behaviour impacts upon mobile strategies.

In his presentation, Stuart Miles discussed the evolution of the mobile handset, and examined how consumer expectation defined the new direction of mobile as a handheld media and entertainment device. By looking at current trends and drawing upon his unique position in the industry, Miles was also able to predict the look and capabilities of the mobile devices of the future (something he expands on in this video).

“Our mobile devices can already control our TV sets, the lighting in our homes and our car alarms. It’s almost as if our handsets have become like a fifth limb. Ironically, we almost seem to have forgotten that our mobile phones make calls – they’re that sophisticated,” he commented.

Mark Earls, author of Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature, and co-author of I'll Have What She's Having: Mapping Social Behaviour presented a compelling case for how brands and advertisers can best make use of mobile as a marketing channel, and was able to share a number of golden rules and common mistakes.

“The mobile phone has become a social medium, a means of cross-communication between family, friends and work colleagues alike. For brands, mobile advertising offers a wealth of opportunities, however they must think hard about what will work for their audiences. SMS messaging, for example, may seem like a cheap and easy option but does it really engage the recipient and encourage them to pass it on?” said Earls in his presentation.

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To represent the content angle, Doug Grinspan outlined the challenges facing publishers and shared examples of advertising and publishing solutions that helped realise the full potential of the mobile channel.

“For advertisers, the challenge is in working out which messages will achieve cut through, as consumers become increasingly used to receiving content in this way,” he said. “People look at their phones on average between 40 and 80 times a day. Perhaps its not even that mobile is the new cigarette, but that it’s the new form of chain smoking. Mobile smartphones are a part of our everyday lives, they are almost considered as another limb,” he said.

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Mark Earls & Paps Shaikh

Paps Shaikh, Say Media’s Commercial Director in the UK, explained why it was important to take part in Internet Week: “We wanted to participate in the third annual Internet Week Europe to build on our strong relationships with the local media, marketing and online communities. The calibre of the content at the numerous events this year was fantastic and we were pleased to have the opportunity to present ‘Mobile Is the New Cigarette’ to such an engaged and media savvy audience.”

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The lucky winner of some Say Media swag

Thanks to everyone who attended - and you can catch more images from Say Media’s “Mobile Is the New Cigarette” event here.

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