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Mobile: The New Shopping Companion

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We don't just love our phones and tablets, we love to shop with them too. As the busiest part of the holiday shopping season approaches, consumers are relying more than ever on their mobile phones to find the best deals for their gifts – and shop on the go.

Accenture’s recently released holiday spending report identifies an increase in mobile shopping, with 25 percent of consumers intending to use devices to buy gifts, up from 17 percent in 2011. That means not only are consumers researching products, comparing prices and finding store locations, they're making purchases and paying bills all their mobile devices too.

To understand this shift in how consumers are using their phones to shop and buy this holiday season, Say Media conducted in-depth custom survey of over 1200 smartphone owners in partnership with comScore. Among the findings were that one in three smartphone owners use their device while shopping, while 44 percent have purchased goods and services directly from their phone. People ages 18 to 24 were particularly open to shopping from mobile devices.

Other highlights from the research:

1 in 3 smartphone owners use their device when shopping

- 61% have researched products in the past 6 months

- 37% have validated prices at the point of sale

- 45% use mobile phones to check prices in store

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This is the holiday season for mobile transactions

- 44% have purchased goods/services through a mobile phone

- 58% of 18-24 year olds have purchased goods/services

- 56% of tech geeks have purchased goods or services through a phone

- 35% have paid for tickets for concerts, movies or events

- Nearly half of respondents redeemed coupons or special offers on a mobile device

18 to 24 year olds are more likely to use mobile in purchase process

- 53% used a mobile app (like Square) to make payments

- 1 in 5 used mobile phone for street parking in past month

- 35% purchased a ticket (concert, movie) on their phone last month

- 58% pay bills through a mobile device

The bottom line? Mobile devices and experiences will be a critical part of the holiday shopping season, and marketers who aren’t incorporating mobile into their overall strategy will likely miss out.

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For more on mobile shopping trends and a video of consumers talking about their mobile shopping habits, check out our full research findings here.

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