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Things I Love: Jamie Derringer of Design Milk

Jaime Derringer started Design Milk as a side project in 2006 when she was looking for a couch—and quickly discovered a passion and talent for spotting great design. Now she runs one of the best-curated and well-respected modern design properties on the Web. These are a few of her current favorite things.

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Wood Casting by Hilla Shamia

I love design that not only looks good but has a unique and interesting process. Shamia makes these benches and tables by pouring molten aluminum directly onto wood, burning the surface. Fascinating! (, price varies)

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Tiny Moss Terrariums From Mosser

For someone who has a black thumb, having moss is a dream come true. You can't kill this stuff! It adds a nice, little pop of greenery to my desk, too. (, $36)

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Grey Area

I have always been fascinated with products and works that walk the fine line between art and design. Grey Area, a new-ish shop in New York City, has built a gallery and retail store around these types of pieces. Offering everything from bizarre, artsy sculptures to furniture that isn’t just functional but makes a real statement, Grey Area is worth a visit online or off. I'd be happy to get just about anything from this shop for the holidays. The Slab Table by Snarkitecture pictured here is unforgettable. (Grey Area, prices vary)

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Iacoli & McAllister Necklaces

For a long time, I’ve longed for an Iacoli & McAllister light, but when they started making necklaces, I knew I had to have one. It's like wearing one of their lamps around your neck everywhere you go. (Iacoli & McAllister, $58 and up)

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OneByNine’s Space Invaders Bathroom

I love anything retro, especially if it has a video-game theme. Nothing is more fun for me than seeing an 8-bit design, especially one that reminds me of my childhood (I grew up with Atari). What I love even more about this bathroom design is that it’s hidden inside of a very sleek, modern apartment. What an unexpected surprise! (OneByNine, price by request)

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Iris van Herpen

I love just about everything this woman does. End of story. (, prices by request)

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Normann Copenhagen Beater Whisk

I have no idea what I would do with this because I rarely cook or bake, but I love its simple design. (, $18)

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Moment by Shinobu Koizumi

Moment is a table that is shaped like the sand that runs through an hourglass. And get this — it’s actually made of sand. So, in essence, Koizumi has captured a moment in time. (, price by request)

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Design Milk is a SAY Media partner. A version of this story also appears in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of SAY Magazine.

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