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Say Media: The Evolution of a Brand

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It's been nearly 2 years since we set out to build the media company of the future at Say Media. In that time, we've launched the fastest-growing women's brand in the history of the Web, we've acquired and redesigned the sourcebook for considered living, we've launched a new site called Gardenista, we've built a beautiful new technology brand, we've worked with dozens of other media brands in our portfolio, and we've built a robust technology platform to support all these brands as well.

As we've built and evolved these new media properties, we also applied many of those principles to our own site at with a bold new look and logo.

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We work with amazing digital media brands including Cupcakes and Cashmere, Dogster, Food52, Gear Patrol, ReadWrite, Remodelista and xoJane. All of our brands share one thing in common: they have editors that bring a unique point-of-view to their subject matter, a point-of-view that inspires consumers to action.

Our new look at needed to be flexible enough to support all of these brands. We needed a system that allowed us to communicate those unique points-of-view. We wanted to create a brand that didn’t shout and let our editors do the talking. It needed to be simpler and more focused – and that’s how we created our new logo.

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The new Say media logo and quotation mark were inspired by Bodoni, a font with a rich publishing legacy. It’s timeless but we modernized it and made it our own. It defines the intersection between the old and the new.

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Our supporting font, Benton Sans, was named after Morris Benton. He was incidentally the man who revived Bodoni and created many seminal fonts of the early 20th century. It was created in the late 20th century for the publishing industry. It’s a clean and modern font with no serifs. And it’s practical. It works well when it’s large and small. It’s a simplified system that makes it easier for us to know what to use when.

You'll find two hundred years of typographical history encapsulated in our new brand, and most people will never know. But it's an example of how much craft and thought we put into our choices.

Here's Say Media's creative director Alex Schleifer talking about the choice of Benton Sans, the logo, the color scheme - and the overall evolution of our brand.

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