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Remodelista Top 5: What Design Lovers Want

What makes design lovers click? Remodelista Associate Editor Alexa Hotz shares a look at the Top 5 stories of September 2012, including a visit to the home of Justin Timberlake’s stylist, a DIY post that went viral on Pinterest, a mobile brocante in Australia, a guide to a Phoenix townhouse renovation and her own DIY video debut.

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LA Woman: At Home With Hollywood's Style Guru An exclusive inside look into the private home of Estee Stanley, stylist to Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and Ashley Olsen. Stanley describes her approach to design as "sexy and comfortable."

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DIY: Dramatic Floor Stencils A post that went viral on Pinterest as soon as it was posted: old hardwood floors get an update with a cardboard cut-out and colored paint.

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A Mobile Brocante In Australia Aussie photographer and store owner Kara Rosenlund offers up practical vintage items from a restored 1956 Franklin Caravan.

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Steal This Look: A Modern Townhouse On A Tight Budget Owners of one of the popular online design shop Canoe renovated their Phoenix townhouse for $40,000. The results are stunning – and this post shows how to get the look.

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DIY Video: How To Make A $20 Cabinet Pull For $2 The debut of a DIY video filmed by Say Media's own Ian Levine. All it took was some white paint, leather hides, and a trip to Julie Carlson's house (founder of Remodelista) in Mill Valley to film the project.

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