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Research: How Mobile Ad Campaigns Connect with Consumers

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More than half of U.S. adults now own smartphones. The announcement of the iPhone 5 generated 6 million searches in a single day. And one in four smartphone owners also own a tablet and one third of non-computer traffic is from tablets. So it's no small wonder that the way we shop, read, work and play have all undergone an incredible transformation in the last 12 months.

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To explore the magnitude of this shift and understand just how much and how consumers rely on their mobile devices, SAY Media conducted a new in-depth qualitative and quantitative research study that reveals exactly how consumers are really using these devices, and what really works in mobile marketing campaigns. Through a survey of more than 1,200 mobile users, the results show that consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones for media and entertainment, as a personal assistant, as a life coach – and as a shopping companion.

We also analyzed key campaign metrics from more than 100 recent mobile campaigns to better understand what mobile creative elements are most effective at capturing consumers’ attention. Among the findings: Mobile ads drive consumers into the marketing funnel faster, with three to five times higher click-to-site rates than online campaigns, and campaigns that use a device's native features had 3 times the average click-to-site rate.

The results add up to a powerful incentive and opportunity for advertisers to reach and engage consumers at key points in the buying process.

Read more about our mobile research in the press release and download the key findings here.

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