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Gardenista: TIME Top 25 of 2012

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Gardens matter. We know it, and happily plenty of other people do too - including TIME which just named Gardenista one of the Top 25 new sites of 2012:

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Don’t let the name fool you: Gardenista is about much more than just gardens and gardening. It refers to itself as “the sourcebook for cultivated living,” but that may very well be code for “here’s a bunch of cool stuff you can do around the outside of your house.” There’s plenty of green to look at and be inspired by, as Gardenista spotlights outdoor spaces as part of parent site Remodelista‘s whole-home coverage. But you’ll find helpful buying guides inside as well. Looking for canning jars? Gardenista picked the five best. Shopping for pruners? The site has you covered with a buyer’s guide. If you’ve got yourself a plot o’ land, no matter how big or how small, plant Gardenista in your bookmarks.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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