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Creative Spotlight: AdFrames 3 Hall of Fame

"This is the golden age of advertising." - Gabriel Miller

The fictional ad legend, Cornelius Trunchpole, has had movies made about him, awards bestowed on him, and collected millions of Facebook friends - and recently had his true identity revealed as Gabriel Miller. Gabriel felt that by becoming this fictional character, and by using the Internet vast tools for connection and information, he was able to reach those in the industry who were previously unreachable. He marketed himself well, and he's now an advertising legend in his own right, with a true point-of-view.

At Say Media, we're big fans of Gabriel - and also believe that this is the golden age of advertising. Every day we use state of the art technology to deliver amazing creative experiences across the board. And each quarter in the creative studio we celebrate our best best work in the Creative Hall of Fame.

Our AdFrames 3 ad platform inspires astonishing creativity. Each studio from around the world (U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia) submitted their best work for this year to date. The global studio voted and the top three prevailed.

And the winners are...

Image Title1

7-Election 7-Eleven rides the wave of the presidential campaign. The bar code on coffee cups inputs your choice between Romney and Obama and dynamically shows the results in the online ad unit.

Image Title2

Chevy Malibu This ad showcases our standard AdFrames canvas with a clean navigation and expands to feature two videos and two photo galleries - without a crowded or cluttered experience. The smooth animation and intuitive layout makes exploring easy and playful, just like its namesake, Malibu.

Image Title3

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Ford S-Max The masters of the art of content marketing, Red Bull and Nike create clever campaigns around extreme sports using every social media trick in the book social media practices. Ford S-Max put in a bid to play with the big boys, bringing all these devices to the surf scene in the U.K. Authentic footage and interviews engage the audience and, for the first time, you can browse the image galler without stopping the video.

We also had some runner's up this quarter including:

Image Title4

Honda Lighting effects on the rollovers coupled with the powerful images and deep content makes it exciting to explore this unit.

Image Title5

Canon Project Imaginat10n Superstars doing a cool project are always a formula for success. The project is over but some great content was created: LongLiveImagination

Image Title6

Nintendo SMB2 It is impossible to not notice this invitation to explore Super Mario on the page, complete with nostalgic references that are impossible to resist.

Congratulations to the winners and entire creative team!

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