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Top Women in Advertising: Jane Pratt of xoJane Keeps It Real

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Ad Age did some serious heavy lifting this week to uncover the Top 100 Women in Advertising from the past and present, and the list is a who's who of powerful media movers and shakers. Among the inductees: our own Jane Pratt from xoJane, one of the fastest-growing and most engaging women's sites in the U.S. and one of the top 100 women's sites in the world. We've always known Jane is a powerhouse, but it's nice to see others recognize it too. Ad Age writes:

Jane Pratt | Editor and media entrepreneur, xoJane

In 1988 at the age of 24, Jane Pratt shook up the newsstand when she became the founding editor of Sassy. The magazine is largely thought of as the first pub that spoke to teen girls in their own funny, frank and irreverent language. It stoked controversy - and sales - by openly addressing sex and feminist issues in a way none of its rivals had dared touch (the first issue famously featured the coverline: "Losing Your Virginity: Read This Before You Decide").

Rivals sniffed but were quick to step up with hipper content and a decidedly uh, sassier, tone. Ms. Pratt did it again for the women who grew up on Sassy when she launched the eponymous Jane. Neither of those of those magazines are with us any longer, but the groundbreaking editor and author remains as frank, irreverent and real on her popular website, xoJane, and her show, Jane Radio, on SiriusXM.

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Jane is one of the The Liberators, a group which includes Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Helen Gurley Brown of Cosmo, Nina DiSesa of McCann, and Gloria Steinem for her work at Ms. Magazine.

That's some pretty amazing company to be in – congrats Jane!

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