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Top 5 Quotes from SAY Create Day Two

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We wrapped up this year's SAY Create with even more great speakers, who taught us about the evolution of video, publishing and the technologies making it possible. Thanks to everyone who joined us. Here were some of the top quotes from our second day of content:

I couldn’t be more excited about the direction that media is going. – Kim Kelleher

If you have a body, which we all do, over the course of 80 years it starts to turn against you. The same thing happens with technology. If you keep a device for more than two or three years, it starts to look outdated and kinda makes you look dumb. – Amber Case

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When you aren’t being hit over the head with the brand, you just know they are doing really good work. That’s the most successful kind of advertising. – Carlton Evans

(On commenting) I want to be engaged and write back. It’s important for people to know we are engaged. – Jane Pratt

What we are trying to do is bring into balance a tech, media and content culture in a way that creates a much better product. – Matt Sanchez

Stay tuned for results from our photo contest and check out some great snapshots from the event on Pinterest.

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