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Top 5 Quotes from SAY Create Day One

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This week we've brought together a roster of great speakers to inspire and share at SAY Create - a gathering of some of the best creative minds in media. Here are some highlights from Monday's presentations:

Brands learn best through play. If you aren’t getting your hands dirty and trying new things, you’ll probably be left behind. - Cammie Dunaway

The best CEOs are not robots or superhumans, they are just super humans. - Chip Conley

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Media is changing much faster than advertising, it’s morphing in a number of ways across many devices. - Troy Young

Life is brief and tender, and we need to remember what matters to us. We need to spend our days doing what we enjoy. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. - Candy Chang

If you are subliminally exposed to fast food logo, you will read 20 percent faster. Your brain unconsciously tells you that you are living in a world that’s fast. Being fast is not always best. - Frank Partnoy

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