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This Revolution Will Be Streamed

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Here's a sobering thought: Millennials switch media venues 27 times per non-working hour. Online video accounted for more than half of all Internet traffic in 2011 … and research shows we’ll consume three trillion Internet video minutes worldwide per month by 2016. That means that the world will be watching the equivalent of 833 days of video every second. Whoa.

What does this mean in terms of video creation and video consumption?

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That's something animator and director Kirsten Lepore thinks about a lot and will be discussing at this year's SAY Create. We're incredibly excited to have her join us in Carmel where she'll be on a panel called Rickroll This: Modern Video Storytelling, Marketing and Innovation to discuss recent innovations in video creation and the importance of pushing creative boundaries through visual storytelling.

Kirsten's client list inclides MTV, Newsweek, Whole Foods, Toyota, Nickelodeon and Nestle. Here's her award-winning stop-motion short "Bottle" which has won multiple prestigious awards including honors at Slamdance, Arizona Film Fest, Florida Film Fest and many more. (Warning: the clumps of sand and snow will make you laugh - and then cry.)

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